Hassle-Free, Affordable At-Home Manicure With Color Street
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Thanks To Color Street Nails, I've Been Getting Hassle-Free, Affordable At-Home Manicures In Quarantine

Even a complete beginner like me who could botch any project at the drop of a hat couldn't mess this one up.

Thanks To Color Street Nails, I've Been Getting Hassle-Free, Affordable At-Home Manicures In Quarantine


Just kidding, this is my average life since I don't really leave the house anyway.

But, to try to get rid of the soul-crushing anxiety of watching the world collapse within itself, I tried something new. After making over 750 masks for healthcare and DOC workers, we received a few gifts as a thank you, one of which was a set from Color Street Nails in the design called 'Be Hoppy'. You might have seen Color Street mentioned on Facebook a few times, so, let's talk about it.

In their own words, Color Street describes themselves as "inspired by New York's 'City That Never Sleeps' nonstop energy and wildly colorful fusion of cultures — offers a vast array of colors and nail art designs, direct to Independent Stylists and ultimately to clients."

Well, what are they?

Color Street products are basically hassle-free nail designs for those incapable of getting the perfect paint on their nails. No time to go to a salon? That's fine, this is a quick solution involving a simple adhesive manicure. With each set containing 16 double-ended nail polish strips, your hands go from drab to fab within a matter of minutes.

Do they really work?

I asked myself this question because honestly, I was really apprehensive. I tried those Sally Hansen Walmart-ish tape on nails a while back and they just did not do the job. So, cracking these bad boys open, I went in with the idea that it would be all for naught. I WAS WRONG. Let me preface this by saying, I can't paint my nails without it looking like a murder scene because my hands shake so badly. But with Color Street strips, despite the fact that I was brand new at this, was such an easy application. Better yet, they stay on! You simply pull off the plastic, center it on your nail like a sticker, tug just a little bit so there are no air bubbles under the vinyl-like strip, and file it down. Even a complete beginner like me who could botch any project at the drop of a hat couldn't mess this up. Not to mention, they are so freaking cute!

No glue messes, no polish painted skin, nothing. What really got me was the fact that they stayed on! I mean, you look at stickers and think 'there's no way that would stay on my nails.' Wrong again. I only lost ONE and that was my own mistake for applying it incorrectly, shh. Even better? Your nails don't have to pay the price while you're in quarantine.

So, what are the pros and cons?


1. They are so pretty.

2. They come with extras just in case you mess up.

3. They actually stay on your nails.

4. It takes less than 10 minutes to apply.

5. No glue or paint.

6. No hard fake acrylic nails to press onto your real nails, it's a sticker.

7. They're durable.

8. They're affordable.

9. They're hassle-free when it comes to filing them to fit.


1. I would like to see a little more variety for sale, I'd say 5/10 on the variety.

I sat here for 10 minutes and couldn't think of another con.

I can barely stop myself from staring at my nails every few minutes, I'm so in love. You can have them shipped straight to your door or you can order through a stylist, which is really beneficial right now while going outside isn't recommended. My nails always felt like an insecurity of mine since my shaky hands couldn't paint them very well, but this felt like a really good boost of confidence for me.

So, final thoughts?

If you're looking into these, pull the trigger and do it. They give you such a beautiful design that you can't get from paint or even technician design. I don't think I'll ever have to go to a salon again or dehydrate the hell out of my fingers by scrubbing them with polish remover. You won't regret it, I promise. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take a hundred photos of my nails now.

Check out Color Street's Instagram @colorstreet or go straight to their website!

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