I am probably one of the worst kinds of people, and I will admit that. I am the worst because I listen to Christmas music in October, occasionally, and I eat Valentine's day candy the day it is sold, and because I eat Easter candy from December 26th to whenever Easter is. Without shame, but I do know that it makes people hate me and honestly, I do not care. Easter candy is the best candy in the world and you can quote me on that.

Cadbury mini eggs? I am currently eating them. I love them, and they are a candy that should be sold in stores all year long but alas, they are only sold at Easter time, and I can only eat them for maybe four months, depending on when Lent ends. This is a candy that I deserve all the time but because they are sold in a limited quantity I enjoy them SO MUCH MORE. Especially the yellow ones, because as we all know, the dye makes then taste better.

I have to be honest, I even like Peeps even though they are kind of gross and definitely bad for me but I literally do not care at all let me eat my Peeps. Especially the end ones, which have more sugar on them but I will only eat them in Easter time. That is the only time where they are acceptable. Easter means that it is Peeps season, and you can have the bunnies or the chicks but only for Easter.


Creme eggs? An amazing invention, and an Easter Candy. Every candy sold as a jelly bean? An Easter Candy, and we can all recognize that candies are better when they are jelly bean shaped. Any candy that you take out of an egg tastes better, and the candy companies recognize this! I have no proof for or against this next statement, and I don't want any, but; fun size candy was clearly created for Easter and that is an innovative candy invention.

I don't know if the Catholic in me is the reason that I am so defensive of all things Easter, but you don't have to celebrate Easter to know that Easter candy is the best. You just have to have taste buds.