6 Easy Tips For Prepping For Finals
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It's Finally Finals And Here Are 6 Tips To Help You Prep For Our Least Favorite Time Of Year

Whoopee, finals are here.

It's Finally Finals And Here Are 6 Tips To Help You Prep For Our Least Favorite Time Of Year

Finals; The time of the year where you take the last exam for your classes that either make or break your grade. It is the one thing that is stopping you from starting winter break early, and it is the last thing you really want to do. It stresses you out and you can't help but stress some more when your face begins looking like the pizza you had last night. Here, lets prep for exams.

1. Physical exercise stimulates the brain.

How? Well, exercise increases connections between your brain cells. Exercising helps release feel-good hormones in your body that can help brain health.

2. For energy, snack on healthy foods, like fruits.

If you continue to eat junk food, you will begin to feel fatigue. Fruits and vegetables are the way to go. Eating small amounts frequently will help you replenish your energy and you also won't feel gross and tired.

3. Meal prep.

The one thing about campus food is that it isn't exactly the healthiest, and it's made for everyone. Where if you meal prep at home, food is catered to your needs.

Maybe you need more fruits than other things; you can do that. Another thing about meal prepping for finals is that you won't need to worry about wasting time cooking. You can prep for the week and when you're hungry, just grab what you have for the day. I personally would meal prep for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and snacks. Snacks being something like fruits.

4. Study ahead instead of last minute.

I'm guilty all the time, and I'll study for an exam a day or two before exams. But this is the final. This is important.

Studying everything all at once may not be as efficient as sitting down and studying everything in increments and actually absorbing the information. The average attention span is 50-90 minutes. However, if you can go more than that, that's great. Allow your brain to relax and do not overwork it. The last day should be a review day, in case you need it. If not, a day to relax and just lazily go over it one last time.

5. Stay Healthy.

Especially while you're stressed out and especially while it's cold outside. The most important thing is to stay healthy.

Make sure you're getting a decent amount of sleep during the period you're studying and during the day of the exam. Wash your hands, this is flu season, you don't want to have the flu during the exam. That is the worst. Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks, and last but not least, drink lots of water.

6. Prioritize your exams.

Sometimes I just need someone to tell me how to prioritize myself. Which class are you doing horribly in? Look at the rubric, how much does the exam count towards your grade. When is the exam? Prioritize the exam by the grade your making and what you need in order to pass.

Make sure to divide your time between each final and if you need to study more, you have extra time because you will have done.

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