We All Need To Start Taking Care Of Our Planet Today
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We All Need To Start Taking Care Of Our Planet Today

This Earth Day let's all raise awareness on environment protection!

We All Need To Start Taking Care Of Our Planet Today

If there is something we all have in common it is the place where we reside. Every human being lives on the planet Earth. We share the same home.

April 22 is the day to commemorate our Earth. It's a day to raise awareness about environmental protection.

Let's take a moment to realize why we should really take care of our Earth... starting TODAY.

1. It’s the only home we have

Although we have heard living on Mars is a possibility, it is still arguable. For now, Earth is the only planet from space that can be inhabited by humans.

Our actions of today will reflect on the consequences in the time ahead. Taking care of our Earth is beneficial for us and for future generations. Your great-great-grandchildren will appreciate it.

You might not immediately and directly see the results of throwing garbage in the streets, but, with time, it accumulates and end up contaminating our environment. Let's take care of it and keep our Earth healthy, strong and clean!

2. Global warming is real

Earth’s atmosphere maintains a balance of natural gases that trap sun’s heat. This is known as the “greenhouse effect,” which refers to the entering and departing radiations that warm our planet to an average temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, us humans, (the bad guys) are altering the balance. The increase of carbon dioxide (i.e. through deforestation and cement production) and methane (burning fossil fuels and waste dumps) is making the greenhouse effect stronger, leading to Earth getting warmer and warmer. Earth’s temperature is rising, and this is what we know as “global warming.”

The alterations of Earth's temperature lead to climate change. This is the cause of glaciers shrinking, sea levels rising, severe heat waves and trees flowering sooner. Climate change can also increase wildfires, longer droughts, and higher intensity of tropical storms.

Reduce water waste, power up with renewable energy and pull the plugs at your home. Actions such as turning light bulbs off when not needed can make a huge difference.

3. The ozone layer is thinning

Ozone is a layer located in Earth’s stratosphere that protects it from harmful UV rays. But, again, chemicals and substances created by us, humans, are destroying and thinning the ozone layer.

This means that more UV rays may reach Earth and have serious health effects like skin cancer and harm sensitive crops (which is also why we should ALWAYS wear sunscreen).

If we keep contaminating our environment, it will lead to air pollution. And, frequent exposure to air pollution can bring a number of health effects.

Some of these include breathing difficulties, worsening lung problems such as asthma and increasing the risk of a heart attack.

With our positive actions, we can try to decrease the thinning of the ozone layer. Carpooling, taking the public transportation or bike commuting can help lessen air pollution.

4. Biodiversity is in danger

Biodiversity is the variety of living things on Earth, such as plants and animals. Sadly, many species are going extinct and ecosystems degrading.

And there is more, rainforests are on risk of drying out due to climate change; coral reefs are in danger because of over-harvesting, and alpine ecosystems have high possibilities in disappearing disappear because of the erosion caused by rising temperatures.

Now, think about it as a chain: if ecosystems and habitats are being affected, then animals will find it harder to survive.

It is our responsibility to look after our precious plants and animals. Let's make an effort to preserve all those breathtaking landscapes and astonishing species.

5. Give back to our Earth

Nature has given us so much for free. We can enjoy the beautiful view of a sunset, visit our favorite landscape, drink clean water and inhale clean air...

And, what are we giving nature? Please don't say contamination. Let's thank our Earth and value it.

Apply the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. Plant trees. Take baths under 5 minutes. Turn off the lights after you leave a room. Drive with someone else to work or school. And, more importantly, talk to others about this topic and teach the little ones to take care of our Earth.

Let's raise awareness about the importance of protecting our environment! No contribution is too small or insignificant. Every action counts.

One person can make a difference, and it can start with me and you. Take care of our planet. You should love it, after all, it is your home!

Happy Earth Day. And remember to spread the word and tell others to keep our planet clean.

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