33 Tracks On Your Spotify If You're The Adult Who Never Outgrew Tween Music

33 Tracks On Your Spotify If You're The Adult Who Never Outgrew Tween Music

Yes, Hilary Duff is on here under 3 different names.

So, you're a college student or starting your first job, and you still go to a 2000s Disney playlist every time you're handed the aux cord? Well, here's the playlist that you should play next time.

1. Fly - Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff)

Placed deservedly at the top, just as it is on the album. Nothing hits your early-20s-feels like a deep Hilary Duff track.

2. Bet On It - Troy Bolton (High School Musical 2)

If you don't feel like you could run 17 miles without stopping while this song plays, you are not human. Zac Efron's face superimposed over a fake pond still helps me sleep at night.

3. This Is Me - Mitchie Torres & Shane Gray (Camp Rock)

I just have to say it: Mitchie's song was only okay until Shane came charging down the stage singing "you're the voice I hear inside my head."

4. Say OK - Vanessa Hudgens (V)

If you watched Disney as much as me as a tween, this takes you back to watching the music video in between episodes of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody."

5. Ashley Tisdale - He Said, She Said (Headstrong)

Everyone made a joke about every single child star becoming a musical artist, but when their music is as fire as Ashley's ENTIRE album, how can you judge?

6. Starstruck - Christopher Wilde (Starstruck)

Ah, the old Disney Channel Original Movie. Horrendous acting, bomb music.

7. Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers (A Little Bit Longer)

Big Rob's rap part in this song is, to this day, the best feature in musical history. Don't @ me.

8. This Is What Dreams Are Made Of - Lizzie McGuire (The Lizzle McGuire Movie)

Picture this: The biggest stage in Rome. Miss Ungermeyer dancing her feet off (though a student she is supposed to be chaperoning is now, somehow, an international pop-star). A metallic outfit with a rectangular cut out over her belly button. A cinematic masterpiece. (Oh, and Paolo sucks.)

9. Someone's Watching Over Me - Terri Fletcher (Raise Your Voice)

Yes, for those counting, this is the 3rd time Hilary Duff has been on here under 3 different names. You can catch this song on her self-titled album, but nothing beats the dramatic scene where she sings it in the movie.

10. Nobody's Perfect - Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana 2)

20 points to everyone who can also sing "doing the bone dance" to the tune of this song.

11. Push It To The Limit - Corbin Bleu (Jump In)

The high-stakes and intense double dutch qualifier would not have been possible without this amazing music behind it. Honorable mention to Keke Palmer's "It's My Turn Now," which deserves awards.

12. I Fly - Hayden Panettiere (Ice Princess)

"Ice Princess" was everyone's favorite movie about an uptight, dorky mom refusing to let her uptight, dorky daughter pursue ice skating so uptight dorky daughter has to be secretly coached by a disgraced ex-figure skater. Are you hooked? Wait 'til you hear the soundtrack.

13. East Northumberland High - Miley Cyrus (Meet Miley Cyrus)

The Meet Miley Cyrus double-feature was life-changing. While this song is definitely a lesser-known Miley bop, it is still pretty damn good.

14. Strut - Cheetah Girls (The Cheetah Girls 2)

This should be on every bar's playlist because I cannot imagine how lit it would get it the DJ threw this jam on.

15. Ultimate - Lindsay Lohan (Freaky Friday)

After Lindsay's disastrous performance earlier in the movie because her mom was actually inside her body, she really brought positivity back to her name with this one.

16. Miracles Happen - Myra (The Princess Diaries)


17. Metamorphosis - Hilary Duff (Metamorphosis)

One of the best moments in musical history is Hilary just rhyming a bunch of unrelated words that end in "ation" at the end of this song. That is not debatable.

18. Breakin' Free - Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez (High School Musical)

Raise your hand if at least 3 kids sang this during your elementary school talent show!

19. Play My Music - Connect 3 (Camp Rock)

The Jonas Brothers are here under another name, but Connect 3 really knew how to produce the jams.

20. Never Underestimate A Girl - Vanessa Hudgens (V)

The line "your secretary might end up your boss whether you really like it or not," might have contributed to the reason I'm a feminist.

21. When You Look Me In The Eyes - The Jonas Brothers (Jonas Brothers)

A rare slow-down song on this fire playlist, When You Look Me In The Eyes is a valid first dance at your wedding song whether your future husband wants it or not.

22. Rockstar - Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana)

Tai Chi practicing? Snowboard champion? What CAN'T she do?

23. Drama Queen (That Girl) - Lindsay Lohan (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen)

This movie is, to this day, one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen, but I'm not going to let that take away from this song's well-deserved glory.

24. Stupid Cupid - Mandy Moore (Princess Diaries)

Mandy Moore was a grade A b*tch in the Princess Diaries, but that did NOT mean she couldn't produce a bop when prompted.

25. Wake Up - Hilary Duff (Most Wanted)

I feel like this is coming very close to becoming a Hilary Duff playlist, so I had to leave out "So Yesterday" and "Come Clean," but they deserve some love.

26. I Want It All - Sharpay & Ryan Evans (High School Musical 3)

The choreography. The costumes. The slow final chorus. This song has it all.

27. Scream - Troy Bolton (High School Musical 3)

Yeah, like I was going to just skip over the best movie of the franchise.

28. Freak The Freak Out - Tori Vega as Louise Nordoff (Victorious)

Not to be dramatic, but Tori ripping off her disguise and showing up her enemies is my dream and I live vicariously through this scene.

29. Potential Breakup Song - Aly & AJ (Insomniac)

The remake of them singing this was amazing, but nothing will ever beat this OG breakup bop.

30. New Classic (P.Y.T) - Selena Gomez & Drew Seely (Another Cinderella Story)

This is one of the greatest songs that ever came out of a Disney movie. It made me feel like I was the one who was paid, young and taking on the world from the driver's seat.

31. Bratitude - The Bratz (The Bratz Movie)

This movie was incredible, this song was incredible, the BRATZ are incredible.

32. Supernova Girl - Zenon (Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century)

I will be jamming to this song well into my '90s, guarantee it.

33. That's Just The Way We Roll - Jonas Brothers (Jonas Brothers)

When people ask you and your friends why you always play JB when you get in the car, just respond with the title of this song.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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Who IS Allowed To Talk About Gun Control?

I have more questions than there are answers but I hope that we are on the way to a country with far less gun violence.

Who is allowed to talk about gun control?

I see a lot of stuff on social media saying that teenagers don’t know enough to talk about gun control. Why? If a teenager dies of cancer, their friends talk about cancer. If a teenager dies because they were hit by a drunk driver on Prom night, the high school scares their students into not drinking and driving. Guess what, 17 teenagers were killed last week. Why are their friends not allowed to have an opinion on that? They have been going to funerals every day since Friday. I can’t imagine having to go to the funeral of the guy I sat next in math class. People my age aren’t supposed to die, we are supposed to graduate and get our dream job. A high school student should be thinking about homework and what movie they're seeing this weekend, not if that noise in the hallway was a man with a gun.

In media, we project images of strong teenagers. The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, they are all books and movies depicting kids in situations they don’t like. The main characters fight the system causing an uproar from the adults. But, in the end the teenagers are victorious, their prize is happiness and spending their adult lives in peace. Why would adults feed their children these novels and not expect the message to be taken to heart.

Ou president is a 71 year old white man, there were approximately 14 incidents where shots were fired in a school. That is about as many as there have been in 2018. I have no idea what changed, what has made this number dramatically increase. But obviously something needs to change. Why does President Trump feel threatened by the idea of making the ability to purchase a gun less accessible?

Personally, I don’t think that we need to make all guns illegal. There are many people, several of which I’m related to, who legally own guns that have only ever been used to shoot animals during their designated hunting seasons. But, last week I watched in horror as the news story of a guy that I graduated with was shot and killed. He had recently bought a pump action shotgun and was showing friends when it accidentally went off and shot him in the chest.In our society, guns are not going to disappear, but they are far too prevalent and easily accessible to those who clearly do not need to be in possession them.

The students of Douglas High School do not want to do away with guns. They want to make sure that no one ever has to worry about their friends, children, siblings or any one else while they are trying to get an education. I have more questions than there are answers but I hope that we are on the way to a country with far less gun violence.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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I Hate To Say It, But Social Media Is Ruining Us

Why post everything on Facebook?

I'm guilty of it myself. I post photos on my social media accounts of a fun vacation I went on, or of my friends and I looking good and having a fun time. I strive for that perfect candid that was so unplanned but was still so cute. Events that I am proud of I share with my friends. I write articles just as I am writing this one, to share my ideas on the media.

But why do we have a tendency to share all this online?

There is nothing wrong with posting pictures that you want to expose to others. However, when it becomes a comparison, it becomes a problem. Often times, social media portrays people's lives onscreen different from their reality. Instagram can make it seem that someone is living their best life when in reality there is a failure to show the pure, raw and difficult insight or emotion your follower is actually experiencing. It can be a fake, false distortion that has the ability to put others down and reconsider their own lives. It essentially this "Barbie doll" misconception. Unfortunately, no one's life is as easy and perfect as we think it is.

Another issue faced by social media is Facebook's "What's on your mind?" question bar. I feel like this question is almost rhetorical, as if we all answered this question honestly with details, is it really what is appropriate for all audiences? Telling information face to face in our inner circle is one thing, but there is certainly a distinction between Facebook friends and true friends. People don't always have everyone's best interest at heart. Most of us are not close with half of these friends we have added. So why do we need to share our every movement of every day with them?

Sharing pictures of your own, your child's or a loved one's graduation or milestone is completely justifiable and in fact, encouraged. But when media is used to brag or showcase something that you would not normally discuss in real life, it may be time to reconsider.

We are told numerous times by our elders that we are overly absorbed in what is in our hands. We are not making as many everyday connections outside the realm of the device in our fingertips. I never thought that I would agree as much, and I hate to say that it is something I've become more and more aware of is true.

To conquer this general trend and harmful trend found in modern times, enjoy the moment and be present. Who knows if you'll have the same opportunity to be in the same place with the same people twice.

Stop recording the concert, and enjoy the fact that you're seeing one of your favorite artists live. Enjoy your beach day without making the entire day that is supposed to be about relaxation, about taking a good pic.

Social media is a blessing that we are all grateful for, but let's not let its curse get the best of us. Since when was this supposed to be a stressful thing?

So go on a cleanse. Put the device down, and go see the world for yourself, not for anyone else.

Cover Image Credit: pexels.com

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