Today's kids will never get to experience half of these trends or fads. Hopefully, these 25 things won't make you too upset that we're all grown up now.

1. Collecting Silly Bandz.

You could get them shaped like a star, a dog, SpongeBob, or really just anything. Of course, you had to show your collection off. Kids would wear these things up to their elbows and act as if the colorful bands weren't cutting off their circulation.

2. Collecting Squishies.

Those little pencil toppers really served no purpose. Every time you had to erase something, you had to take them off. But hey, it was all for the aesthetic.

3. Blockbuster

Today's kids will remember it as that building that Captain Marvel crashes into. To us, it was that place we had to go get our movies before Netflix existed. Does anyone else remember those ginormous popcorn buckets they'd sell?

4. Paper fortune tellers.


I still have no clue how to make these.

5. Webkinz.

The hype of getting one of these stuffed animals and being able to use the password on their tag to sign them in online. You could make them a house, take them to the doctors, and play games against other pet owners.

6. Mr. Sketch scented markers.


There was always that one kid in art class that would ask "could you get high off of these?"

7. Smencils.

Pulling one of these out in elementary school got you as much attention as pulling out a piece of gum in high school.

8. Cool Math 4 Kids


Bloxorz, Run, World's Hardest Game, and Meeblings.

9. Scholastic Book Fair.

Would anyone honestly go here and buy books? These fairs had the coolest school supplies. Remember those long rubber pencils that you couldn't even write with? But for some reason, you needed it.

10.  Heads up 7 up.

Pro Tip: if you ever play this game again, have your head off the desk enough so that you can see people's shoes.

11.  Fred


No comment.

12.  The S symbol

You'd turn your papers in at the end of class covered in these.

13.  Disney Channel crossover episodes.


That's so Suite Life of Hannah Montana.

14.  Disney Channel Games.


This was like the Olympics combined with a game show. The hardest part of watching this: when two of your favorite Disney Channel stars were on different teams. Who were you supposed to root for?

15. Dylan and Cole Sprouse's Danimal commercial.

We all wanted to win a new playground for our school.

16. Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play.

Here, you were one of two kids; you actually went outside or you just watched Disney Channel.

17.  iPod Touch games.

Temple Run, Doodle Jump, Plants vs. Zombies, Pocket God, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, and so many more.

18.  Texting using: =]  :(  ;).

How did we ever survive without the eggplant emoji?

19.  Whatever-major-loser.


The ultimate diss.

20.  YOLO

I'm sorry to anyone who got this tattooed onto their body because of this trend.

21.  Party Rock Anthem.

We actually thought this song was cool. No one questioned it.

22.  Pants with words on the butt.

The Hunt

What was the need for this?

23.  Colorful skinny jeans.

Ok, I'll admit it. I had a red pair, but that was only because of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Sorry, not sorry.

24.  Aeropostale and Hollister.

It was "in" to have the company title printed in huge font on all articles of clothing.

25.  Heelys

These were banned from elementary school recess for many reasons.