26 Things Every Kid Who Grew Up In The Early 00s Relates To
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26 Things Every Kid Who Grew Up In The Early 2000s Can Relate To

You've heard of the 80s, you've heard of the 90s, now get ready for...the 2000s.

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Each decade has its own distinct characteristics. The further we get from the 2000's, the more apparent those unique features become. Here are 26 things every kid who grew up in the 2000's can relate to:

1. Texting faces using symbols before emojis came out.

2. Quoting "Napoleon Dynamite," "Mean Girls," and "Bring It On" all the time.

3. Spending hours ripping off music from the internet...

4. ...then spending hours burning your favorite tracks to CDs.

5. Flipping through CD organizers to find the perfect jams for a road trip.

6. MP3 players and iPods.

7. Disposable cameras were the only way to take pictures before phones with cameras came out.

8. Blockbuster and the dreaded late fees.

9. Flip phones...and the satisfaction of slamming them shut after a phone call.

10. Phones with keyboards were the coolest things ever.

11. Trying not to go over your texting minutes.

12. Cellular data was an expensive luxury.

13. Tracksuits were highly fashionable.

14. So were rubber bracelets.

15. Everybody had a Myspace.

16. When Windows Media Player was the only app that played music.

17. The more silly bands you had, the cooler you were.

18. Neopets and Tomogatchis needed a lot of care and attention.

19. Before every trailer on a DVD, you had to endure the "Coming soon to DVD and video" announcement.

20. Collecting Webkinz.

21. Club Penguin was one of the best games on the internet.

22. One-shoulder backpacks > normal backpacks.

23. "It's not a phase, mom!" - said every kid who went through an emo phase.

24. Borders: the Barnes and Noble of the 2000s.

25. The GOOD Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows.

26. And printing Mapquest directions for road trips.

Despite the cringiness of the era, the early 2000s will be a time we forever remember (for better or for worse).

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