19 Beauty Trends That Will Give Every Early 2000s Middle Schooler Major Nostalgia

19 Beauty Trends That Will Give Every Early 2000s Middle Schooler Major Nostalgia

Remember when Justin Bieber kept trying to sell you Proactiv?

The early 2000s certainly saw some iconic beauty trends, as those who lived through them will attest. From frosted tips to body glitter to crimped hair, the '90s and early '00s saw it all. If you're like me, your middle school life was probably defined by some of these beauty products and trends that are sure to give you some major waves of nostalgia.

1. Maybelline Great Lash

Everyone's first mascara (extra points if you had the clear version).

2. Clean & Clear Morning Burst

But the real question is, did you have the Morning Burst Surge?

3. Proactiv

You couldn't watch MTV for five minutes without Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Julianne Hough, or Adam Levine popping up to sell you Proactiv.

4. Stick concealer

Before the days of Tarte Shape Tape, we had Maybelline Cover Stick.

5. Suave Kids and L'Oreal Kids hair products

Why yes, I do still use the Suave Kids Double Dutch Apple detangler.

6. Those triangular Covergirl foundations

And it probably made you look like an oompa loompa.

7. Bon Bons nail polish

The cutest bottles in your collection, which also consisted of Claire's, Wet n Wild, and Limited Too nail polish. Did anyone else use nail polish to decorate literally everything they owned?

8. Lip Smackers

You and I have some problems if you don't think Dr. Pepper is the best flavor.

9. Victoria's Secret and Pink body mists

To douse ourselves with after gym class.

10. Lady Speedstick Teen Spirit deodorant

The other post-gym class essential.

11. Sun In

No, I will not stop spritzing until my hair looks like the girl on the bottle.

12. Cherry ChapStick

Obviously popularized by Katy Perry's 2008 claim to fame "I Kissed A Girl."

13. Celebrity perfume

A Britney Spears perfume always made the Christmas list.

14. All. The. Eyeliner.

Wanna hear the best news? This trend's hay-day isn't over yet. Check out Kat Von D's latest collaboration with Billie Joe Armstrong.

15. Hair wraps

The tell-tale sign of who went on vacation over winter break.

16. 7th Heaven face masks

And you were of course devastated to find out the chocolate mud mask wasn't actually edible.

17. A hair straightener you never put down

I'd like to publicly apologize to my hair for all the suffering I put it through.

18. Over-plucked eyebrows

If I could go back in time and give myself one piece of advice, it would be to put the damn tweezers down.

19. Bath and Body Works Art Stuff

Ah, the good old days when glitter was in everything, even our shower gel.

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The Best 10 Outfits College Girls Should Wear With Their Birkenstocks



You have probably seen the trend of Birkenstocks on your college campus. They're everywhere.

The other day there was a heatwave in Maine and it was almost 50 degrees in February. And you bet your ass I took my birks (Birkenstocks) out and wore them around campus. I had to take advantage of the sunshine and warm(er) weather. If you're someone who lives in their birks all year round, you will understand what I'm talking about. I think the thing about birks is you can dress them up for an event or dress them down and wear them at the beach or out exploring during summer vacation.

Here are some outfits you have probably seen college girls wearing around campus with their birks day in and day out.

1. The plain tee and ripped jean with birks combo 

I think this is the outfits I see the most with Birkenstocks. I think the cool thing about birks is there are so many different colors, style, and fabric you can pick from. There are so many ways you can style with them.

2. The jean jacket, a dress and birks combo 

Like I said above, the best thing about birks is that you can style with them in so many ways. These metallic ones make this casual outfit fun, and even dressy if that's the occasion.

3. The all black with birks combo 

This is the combo you have probably seen me wearing around campus. When I see a person in all black I think 1. They're fierce af. or 2. Don't get in their way. When you see a college student like this what do you do? You leave them alone.

4. The sweater, leggings, tee and birks combo 

This is one of the combos I see a ton on campus. This is the "wanted to be cozy and look presentable" look.

5. The socks and birks with any outfit combo 

I used to really hate socks with sandals combo for the longest time. Then I realized how cold my toes would get when I wore birks in the fall and then I was like, "I'm just gonna do it" and put socks on with my sandals. Yet with birks, you can wear cozy socks, knitted socks, socks with patterns and it really can make a look.

6. The flannel with birks combo

This is another popular outfit combo I see on campus. The flannel can either be pulled off either cozy or rock n' roll vibes, and is perfect for a cool cloudy day.

7. Sweatpants, tee, and socks combo 

I like to call this look, "you're lucky I came to class" look.

8. Comfy sweater and leggings with birk combos

I like to call this outfit, "leave me to die in the library" starter pack.

9. Long sleeve, bralette, leggings and birks combo 

This outfit is perfect for 8 a.m.s where you don't want to get up too early for, but also want to kind of look human and nice for the boy who sits in front of you.

10. Tee, shorts and birks combo 

This outfit is perfect for when it's warm on campus or when the school year is almost here! I like to call this outfit the "plain jane" outfit! You could wear this to so many different events of gatherings on campus!

I hope these outfits gave you some ideas for dressing with the Birkenstocks you have already on your feet, or if you're looking into buying a pair of Birkenstocks for yourself! I honestly love my Birkenstocks and maybe you think they're "overrated" but they're honestly my go-to shoe all year round, and they are worth the money.

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