The $550 Dyson Airwrap Vs. $55 Revlon Volumizer

Styling your hair, particularly in the morning, can take a whole lot of time. Having the perfect amount of straightening, sleekness, smoothness, and volume can take quite some time to achieve.

Modern innovative blowdry technologies, like the Dyson Airwrap and Revlon One-Step Hair Volumizer, aim to secure their space in your everyday morning routine making the styling more effortless than ever and selling you gorgeous salon-like blowouts at home!

The prices can be quite the crash though. The $550 Dyson Airwrap or the $55 Revlon One-Step Hair Volumizer.

Which one is worth your money? To understand their pursuits, I tried out both the stylers and tagged their pros and cons.

1. Hair Loss

The Dyson holds its bristles solely on the flat side of the brush. The positioning of the brush requires going straight down your hair instead of wrapping your hair all around.

If you need more volume and wrap your hair around, the bristles flexibly move horizontally, following almost no hair stuck on the bristles, furthermore resulting in no Hair loss.

The Revlon Volumizer is constructed more like a typical bow dry brush, hence requiring you to wrap your hair around multiple times. The bristles are all around the brush, resulting in the slight pulling of the hair. The lack of flexibility of the bristles drives hair to pull and shed on the brush, resulting in more hair loss than the Dyson.

If you intend to blowdry your hair more than 3-4 times a week, the Dyson is a better investment as it has much more control over hair loss.

2. Which One Is Faster?

Matched to the Revlon Volumizer, the Dyson holds a lot more air coming out of the brush, resulting in a faster blow-dry. The structure of the Dyson stocks all the air in a particular area as the bristles are solely on the flat front of the brush.

However, I did notice the function buttons are placed right on the Dyson handle, which my fingers would often unintentionally touch making it power off frequently.

The Revlon Volumizer, on the other hand, takes a little more time to get the full blowout. So back to which one is faster? They both are nearly equally fast, though the Dyson is just a little faster.

3. Hair Damage

Heat can severely damage your hair, leading to hair loss, frizziness, breakage, split ends, and dryness. It's extremely crucial to examine how much heat will be exposed to your hair, particularly if you are considering using the tools frequently.

In the lowest setting, the Revlon Volumizer reaches a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the Dyson reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Dyson's heat technology ensures no extreme heat damage and measures air temperature over 40 times a second to block extreme heat damage.

The Revlon Volumizer holds a built-in ION generator to further reduce heat damage however, it gets a lot more heated than the Dyson. If your usage of a hairdryer is regularly, then the Dyson Airwrap would reasonably be a fitter selection. Heat control plays a substantial purpose in preserving your healthy hair.

4. Specialty

With the Dyson, I struggled to get the max volume in my hair though it gave a smooth and straight look. I also noticed that it made my hair feel softer.

The Revlon Volumizer didn't make my hair as soft as the Dyson but it added much volume to my hair. It made it look very thick, sleek, and healthy. Both were equally excellent at controlling my frizziness and left the top part of my hair sleek and shiny.

5. Budget Amiability

Purchasing a $550 Hairdryer is quite an expense, especially if you are on a budget, but if you're looking for hair a hair tool to use frequently, then its surely a worthy investment. The Dyson, although pricey, holds features that preserve and style your hair with the least damage.

It is the best selection if you are looking to give your hair the least amount of damage. The $55 Revlon Volumizer is super budget-friendly and an excellent buy if you are looking to blow dry occasionally. I loved the Revlon Volumizer, I don't blow dry my hair too often, maybe once in two weeks, it was right in my budget and absolutely an excellent buy!

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