I don't know whose idea this was, or if it was a spur of the moment decision. I was walking back to my dorm room the other week, and as I passed by one of the sink areas, I saw my roommate and my friend both dying their hair.

All I know is that dying your hair in the dorms is a ridiculous process.

1. Chairs.

So, for those who aren't familiar with Rowan University, and further not familiar with Holly Pointe Commons (my dorm building), the bathroom situation, like at any college, is less than ideal.

At Holly Pointe, we have pods (A pod, B pod, etc.), and each pod has the typical designated gender bathrooms and showers, a trash room, laundry rooms, and sink areas. The sink areas are literally just two counters of three sinks lining the walls.

The girls brought the desk chairs from our room into the sink area to dye their hair. They sat in the chairs while two of our other friends dyed their hair, and this was probably the cleanest part of the whole ordeal.

2. Dying and washing process.

The girls wore old t-shirts that they didn't particularly care about, like anyone that box-dyes their hair at home, and our friends got to work putting in the color. My roommate dyed her hair a blue-tinted black color, and our other friend dyed her hair a maroon, purple color.

I walked in about halfway through the whole ordeal, and even from when I first saw them, they had dye on their foreheads and in their ears. There were some drops of dye on the floor, but it wasn't that bad.

I went back to my room and did some homework.

I go back to the sink area to see the progress later on, and it was so much worse than what I was expecting. They were in the middle of washing the color out of their hair, and because of the way the sinks are set up, they were both leaned over with their heads under the faucet or leaned backward awkwardly over the sink.

Either way, it looked so uncomfortable.

Just from trying to wash the color out of their hair, the dye on their faces, ears, necks, and shirts was so much worse.

Dye was everywhere.

3. The aftermath.

The amount of hair dye that was covering the floors... I felt so bad for the janitorial staff in Holly Pointe. The tiles were completely splattered with blue and purple hair dye, and it looked like the sink area was turned into an art classroom.

Somehow, they got hair dye on the wall on the opposite side of the sink area. The counter that they used had dye all over it; just the entire process in itself was a giant mess.

Aside from dye in the sink area, both my friends had hair dye all over their faces, hands, necks, and clothes. My roommate Katie's face had blue splotches and the back of her neck and ears were completely colored blue. They kind of looked like they got in a fight.

It was a fun experience and something for everyone to do as girl time. My friends looked great afterward, but it wasn't easy at all. My recommendations for anyone trying to dye their hair at college: maybe don't, or maybe just wait until you go home a weekend to get it done professionally.