Dwight Schrute's Funniest Moments
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Dwight Schrute's Funniest Moments

These moments will make you laugh every time!

Dwight Schrute's Funniest Moments
The Office US

ll the characters are insanely humorous, but Dwight Schrute is my favorite out of the bunch. Dwight is the comic relief in the show with his skillful and harsh wit.

1. "Today, smoking will save lives."

The episode where Dwight sets a trashcan on fire with a cigarette in order to teach everyone a lesson about fire safety. PowerPoint is too boring!

2. "Are you recording this conversation?"

Dwight and Michael have secret meetings in the parking lot about Dunder Mifflin and Charles Minor. However, Michael seems to have his suspicions about Dwight's loyalty to him.

3. "Jim, I've given you this information so many times."

Jim moves Dwight's desk into the bathroom, and Jim calls him to ask about types of discounts they were giving on paper. Dwight seems to forget his desk is in the bathroom, and, out of nowhere, Kevin comes out of one of the stalls with a candle.

4. There's a bat in the office

That time when a bat came out of the bathroom, and it landed near Meredith's head. So Dwight takes a garbage bag ,and he traps the bat along with Meredith's head.

5. "Lets get the party started!"

Michael teaching Dwight how to do the "lets get the party started" dance move.

6. "Have you ever pooped a balloon?"

When Dwight finds out someones been using drugs, he holds interviews with everyone at the office. During Oscar's interview, he asks if he has ever pooped a balloon.

7. How to butcher a goose

Jim tells Dwight the waitress is having trouble coming up with a way to butcher a goose. Dwight being practical, explains it correctly, while also scaring the lady next to him.

8. "My water's breaking!"

To prepare Michael with the birth of Jan's baby, Dwight carries around a buttered watermelon in an apron to simulate pregnancy.

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