During the online launch event, MicroBT introduces the M30S++ Bitcoin miner and announces the new 3X era standard
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During the online launch event, MicroBT introduces the M30S++ Bitcoin miner and announces the new 3X era standard

MicroBT introduces the M30S++

During the online launch event, MicroBT introduces the M30S++ Bitcoin miner and announces the new 3X era standard

/PRNewswire/ — SHENZHEN, China, April 19, 2020 — WhatsMiner (MicroBT) announced the M30S++, which can accomplish 112T at 31J/T,

which can accomplish 112T at 31J/T, and the M30S+, which can achieve 100T at 34J/T, at the microbt whatminer m30++ Online Launch Event on April 17 because to the ongoing improvement of market interest (Beijing time). WhatsMiner increased the M30S series to three products with 3X J/T, ushering in the 3X era for the whole industry.

The new 3X era standard was then developed by microbt whatsminer m30++, with a low power ratio, good stability, and a one-year guarantee of service. In light of the life cycle of mining rigs being cut in half and being extended, new criteria are now a must. The industry-first one-year guarantee term not only demonstrates WhatsMiner's faith in its goods but also puts the consumer first in concrete ways.

Chen displayed WhatsMiner's outstanding accomplishments over the last three years at the M30 launch event: WhatsMiner introduced the first version of the M1/M3 product in 2017, and 90,000 units were sold in that year, making up 7.2% of the network's overall hash rate for Bitcoin. The third-generation M20 series, which was introduced in May, experienced explosive growth with annual sales of 600,000 units, accounting for 35% of the total Bitcoin hash rate network at the end of the year. In 2018, WhatsMiner achieved sales of 300,000 M3 units, accounting for 9% of the total Bitcoin hash rate network.

Despite having a similar exterior, items of successive generations vary inside from one another. The finest depiction of this was also produced during the award ceremony for the best cooperation between Samsung and MicroBT (WhatsMiner).

Vincent Zhang, the sales director of whatsminer m30s++ price, then made the point that for M30 to be genuinely successful, it was necessary for it to not just outperform its rivals in terms of technology but also for its sales strategy to provide value to clients. The M30 series offers five primary benefits: twelve price tiers; futures insurance; deferred pay; a year of warranty service; and support for high-performance models.

A remarkable year awaits the WhatsMiner team in 2019. (MicroBT). Despite facing a significant hurdle, WhatsMiner saw a spike in demand for its WhatsMiner M20 series products, which ultimately produced outstanding results. The challenges and genius are made possible by WhatsMiner's technical foresight as well as the cooperation of its clients and partners. WhatsMiner, founded on honesty and guided by the idea of excellence and the win-win principle, ultimately introduced a leap in 2020. According to Jordan Chen, WhatsMiner's COO, this shift from quantity to quality is the logical outcome of the business's structured and expert operation.

Vincent earnestly reminds clients that www.2140miner.com and www.microbt.com are WhatsMiner's official websites. Through the official websites, they will be closer to the market and the clients, and they will work to establish a win-win solution with them.

4,000+ online guests from all around the globe have actively engaged in and joyfully communicated with the press conference despite the present outbreak.

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