Aspire To Be Like That Drunk Girl In The Public Bathroom

We Should All Aspire To Be As Sweet And Uplifting As Drunk Girls In Public Bathrooms

Imagine how strong we all could be and how much better of a place this world would be if drunk girl bathroom vibes weren't confined to the crusty doors of a frat party or to the sticky floors of a tiny bar stall.


"Oh my God, I love your makeup!"

"You are so pretty!"

"Your outfit is amazing where did you get it from?!"

"You look so good!"

"He doesn't deserve you, you're incredible, girl!"

Drunk girls in a bathroom. A setting that can boost your ego in 30 seconds or less.

Whether it's going in there to fix your makeup or waiting in line to pee, depending on the time of the night, you are bound to hear compliments bouncing off the red solo cups, and right into your ears.

Drunk girls in a bathroom? Truly a utopian ideal.

It's women supporting women.

It's being fragile and then being hyped up by every other girl in the bathroom.

It's getting hurt and being comforted. It's empathy floating around in a crowded room. It's having your hair held back by a stranger or curse words flailed at a person they've never met for the sake of your own heartbreak. It's people caring, its human attributes that should be shown at every point of every day and not just at 12 a.m. in a bathroom stall.

Why do we have to be intoxicated to let our guards down? Why do we think it's weird to want to tell someone you like their shirt at 3 p.m. when washing your hands but completely normal to spill your entire life to the stall next to you at 3 a.m.?

Honestly, I think the biggest part is that there is free-flowing communication. There's no judgment behind these liquor-stained walls, the once barrier-ed walls that protected self-esteem now allow a vulnerability that spreads and receives love.

I'm a girl who absolutely loves compliments and loves giving them out even more. I'm literally known as my friend groups hype person cause I feel like if you like something about someone or something that they're wearing or something that they're doing you should let them know. I feel like even the smallest parts of life should be accredited for because you never know how hard someone worked on something or how little self-esteem some people have despite how incredible look or how amazing they are- and being on the unnoticed side feels awful.

So I wonder, why is it so hard to remind people what their worth throughout the day? It's truly nothing but beneficial.

I love drunk girls in the bathroom because they do just that. They say the compliments on their mind and remind you of your worth. They let you know they like the shirt that you changed outfits six times and tell you they like your makeup. They're willing to listen to your problems or tell you funny stories even if you didn't ask for, and they will you have laughing for 20 minutes.

I love the friends that I find on my phone the next morning. The five-minute friendships are funny and usually short-lived but have a lasting effect on our egos and have a lasting effect on our minds. It proves that there's something in common in all of us. If we are able to become best friends while waiting in line for the bathroom why aren't we more prone to using these communication skills throughout the day.

Why not make it normal to spark conversation with the strangers around you. You might have a lot more in common than you would assume and can learn a lot from every conversation you have. You don't lose a single thing by allowing positive affirmations to flow consistently throughout the day.

I know of my favorite compliments I have received have been from strangers I've never seen again. It's fun and a different type of comforting to be recognized for something you didn't even know people noticed about you.

Compliment someone you know or someone you don't know the next time you go out. It truly might make their day and will make them feel good about themselves in a way that they didn't even know they had to hear.

Imagine how strong we all could be and how much better of a place this world would be if drunk girl bathroom vibes weren't confined to the crusty doors of a frat party or to the sticky floors of a tiny bar stall.

There's no stronger force than drunk girls in a bathroom so why not spread the love further than the confound of those five-by-eight-foot walls.

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