Doing Things Alone Is Normal

My Drunk Alter-Ego Will Stop At Nothing To Get Me To Do Things Alone

Doing anything alone is scary but you end up doing it anyway so why not start now.

Nacha Promsatian

I was sitting in a bar with my friends and I saw Seu Jorge tickets for sale to the Fox Theater in Oakland (If you don't know who he is? Look him up!). I spent maybe an hour begging one of my friends to come with me but I failed. Instead, my drunk alter-ego, Veronica, bought one ticket to the concert for my sober self. Until today I cannot thank her enough.

I woke up with a slim memory for what I did the night before. Then I saw a confirmation ticket to a Seu Jorge concert. I thought to myself "Oh my gosh, I need to find a friend to go with," so for the next 3 weeks I was on a mission.

I failed of course and ended up at that concert by myself.

Like a true Wes Anderson fan, I rolled up to this Seu Jorge concert in a blue top, blue jeans, white sneakers and a red beanie hat. I was dressed as if I was a crew member of "Team Zissou" (if you really don't know what I'm referring to... you are canceled).

Turns out everyone who was there was wearing the same outfit I had on. I stood almost all the way in front, watching a man sing David Bowie songs in Portuguese and it was the best thing I did by myself. No bothers, no one to look for, no one to tell me what to do or where to stand. I was in complete control.

So my solo adventures began.

I started with all the starred places on my google maps. These included restaurants, museums and of course Ice cream shops. I go to the beach by myself, watch movies by myself and starting catching flights by myself. Most recently I bought Iceland tickets, and guess what? Yes! I'm going by myself!

I credit Veronica, my alter-ego who really started it all. I obviously don't get drunk every time I decided to do something because that wouldn't just make me a functioning alcoholic but my decisions would have been questioned. I mean they're questioned now even in my sober state.

Doing anything alone is not a scary thing. It might seem odd at first but you find out that it's completely something normal that tons of others do as well. I just needed a little nudge and who better than giving me that nudge than myself.
Be a little brave this week and do something by yourself. Some may cope-well doing things alone and some might not. The whole idea is to try. I think it's an excellent way to really get in touch with who you are and learn more about yourself.

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