Drones Chapter 3
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Drones Chapter 3

Defect! Man Deserves to be Free and Independent!

Drones Chapter 3

As the two boys entered the armory, they happened across a strange scene, a cross between a lockdown school drill and a lion taming. Sybil had skillfully built herself into the corner with chairs and racks of automatic rifles, and although she was surrounded by professors, not a single one wanted to harm her, so they tried to talk her down as she held a pistol to her temple and a chair out in front of her. Her face was flushed, crazed even, as she screamed: "I'd end this vacuous experiment right now if you couldn't farm my body for your future species repopulation!"

Clark caught a laugh with a cough at the stubbornness of Sybil, she never went down without a fight. Lincoln and Clark were shoved forward by the headmaster while two other professors stepped forward, guns trained on the backs of the boys' heads. The two slowly moved in through her maze of furniture while Sybil lowered her gun and chair to crouch down and meet them in the safety of her fort. "What's our plan?" she whispered, her eyes afire with the adrenaline of outwitting twenty adults. "Syb, we're not going to survive this one if we don't listen..." Clark started. Sybil reared back, "they got to you..?" she spat back at him and began to pull away. Lincoln grabbed her arm gently and pulled her back down, "please Syb, they'll kill you." "I don't care," Sybil snapped back, cocking her gun in her right hand.

Clark jumped the gap and wrestled for the gun with Sybil. Lincoln hesitated, then joined in and together the two boys got the gun away from Sybil. Clark held her down as Lincoln returned to the professors with the gun. Struggling against him, and serving bruise yielding blows to Clark, Sybil was led out to the professors by Clark, his grip leaving dark bruises on her arms for days to come. The headmaster smiled, giddy with his victory, and within seconds four professors had taken Sybil from Clark and shackled her hands and feet together. Clark and Lincoln were very soon given the same treatment and the three were led down the whitewashed hallways by the teachers they once respected and trusted.

After a few minutes, the boys were led down a different hall from Sybil, she didn't even look back at them as her mind raced with rage. The three individually found themselves thrown into small rooms that each contained a rather uncomfortable looking cot, a toilet, a sink, and padded walls. "So you're going to treat us all like prisoners?" Clark shot at his two captors as they shoved him into his room. They did not respond.

Quickly regaining his feet, Clark threw himself against the door, but the sturdiness of the door soon told him all he needed to know, he wasn't breaking the door down anytime soon. Circling the room, Clark searched for anything small enough to attempt to break the lock, but the room really contained nothing of use, and everything else was bolted to the floor. Even the cot did not have sheets or a pillow, suicidal instruments from days gone by no doubt, thought Clark. He sat down hard on the cot, which had no give, and only reminded him of Sybil.

A few doors down, Lincoln quietly entered his room and sat on his cot, leaning his head back against the white wall. He was ashamed at what Clark and he had done that day to Sybil and longed for nothing more than to go to her and beg for her forgiveness. She probably hated him now, and he wasn't ready to face a world without Sybil in it. He slowly sank down onto the cot and closed his eyes, his mind racing with ideas of how to escape and find a way to talk to Sybil. Yet nothing his highly intelligent mind could think of would work.

Sybil went kicking and screaming into her cell, catching her fingernails on the frame of the door and throwing her body at her five captors. Delivering a swift blow to her stomach, the headmaster knocked Sybil to the ground, hard. She gasped for breath for a second before she was roughly shoved towards her cot, which unlike her friends', came with its own set of arm, feet, torso, and head shackles for the comfort and safety of the user. Sybil bit, spit, scratched, and headbutted every single professor who tried to push her into the cot. After fifteen minutes of madness, Sybil was flustered, restrained, and shouting every obscenity in the human vocabulary. The professors slammed the door on her screeching, which was immediately cut away from the hallway when the door closed. The headmaster straightened his tie and the five of them left Sybil to a night full of anger, profanity, and pain.

The three spent the first night away from each other in years, Lincoln silently staring at the wall, Clark laying lazily on his bed searching the ceiling for answers, and Sybil fighting her restraints until her body passed out chaffed and bleeding, her voice gone. There wasn't much hope left between the three of them, but determination coursed through their veins as if together they were one gigantic beast surviving its first day in captivity.

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