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5 starbucks drinks that a coffee lover cannot live without.

Water is pretty overrated anyway, am I right?

Some days, you just need some good coffee. Whether you are trying to get through a midday lull at the office or want a fun pick me up on your Saturday out- you never want to pay money for a bad cup of coffee! So, the big question is "what do I order, and where do I order?" Now while I love supporting local and small business coffee shops, the right ones can be hard to find when you are new to an area, are unsure of what you want, or are in a hurry and need a drive through. With that being said, I always fall back on my favorite Starbucks beverages when I am in a crunch or feeling indecisive! Not sure of what to order next time you are going to the drive through? Catch some great ideas below!

5 starbucks drinks that a coffee lover cannot live without.

1. Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Brew

There's nothing worse than the energy slump that happens between two and four in the afternoon on a work day. I fully recommend this caffeinated piece of heaven because it has plenty of caffeine to get you through the work day, plus a kick of sweet vanilla to remind you to smile and be social when you would rather hide under your desk and nap.

2. The Pink Drink

Okay, Okay I know this one is not coffee, but how in the WORLD did I not know about this iced delight until a month ago?? I am not ashamed to admit that I bought this far too often than a normal person would when I found out this actually existed. Plus, if you are looking for a low calorie goodie to get you through, the Pink Drink is a fantastic guilt free go-to. With a kick of strawberry goodness and coconut milk, you'll be ready to roll the windows down and waltz right into summer.

3. Hot Chai

Honestly, who doesn't appreciate a good chai and curling up with a book on a rainy day? The Chai Tea hot is definitely a go to of mine when I am looking for a yummy drink in the winter, and a must have when iced in the summer! It's a perfect compilation of cinnamon goodness, plus, throw in a shot of espresso, and you get a delightful drink with a kick!

4. Vanilla Latte

When you just need a boost of energy and want to avoid the calories, a good ol' ice coffee does the trick! If you want it slightly sweet but want to avoid heavy sugars and creams, any shot of their sugar free syrups are a great option. I personally love anything vanilla and typically add a shot of vanilla, or sugar free vanilla in mine.

5. Caramel Brulee Latte

Okay so this one is only in season for Christmas, but I could not leave it out! If there is a downfall to my self control when it comes to holiday goodies this is it. It's sweet caramel and coziness will make you want to snuggle under a blanket on a rainy winter day and throw on your favorite T.V show. It may be June right now, but you will be thanking me in six months when you try this in December. Your welcome.

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