After the term of the dreaded 8 a.m., I quickly learned that being comfortable is essential to my education. Now, please don't read this article as me hating on people who dress up for their classes because I fully support people doing whatever makes them most comfortable in class!! For me, that just happens to be wearing super comfy clothes.

Aside from my professional attire, I have two other categories of clothes: rather uncomfortable party clothes and my comfy, everyday clothes. There is absolutely NO way you will ever catch me wearing uncomfortable clothes in class. I am here to learn and get my degree, which means I need to be dressed so that I can comfortably sit in this two-hour lecture.

Class is hard enough as it is, so I don't want the extra burden of feeling like I need to wear the hottest outfit too. To other people, this could be motivating, but it would add bonus stress to my life. Throwing on a comfy romper and a sweater for a lecture is way more my speed. I definitely will spend time in the morning preparing my outfit, but my style is pretty simple and comfortable which makes it easy to whip an outfit together when I need to.

In high school, I literally would wake up, at least, an hour before classes started so I had PLENTY of time to straighten my hair, do my makeup, and eat breakfast. I always picked out my outfit the night before so I didn't have to feel rushed getting dressed in the morning. For four years, I did my makeup and hair almost every single day. In college, I stopped doing my makeup as often and now, I haven't even worn makeup since 2018. Personally, I was never good at doing my makeup and I feel more confident without it (even though it took me quite a while to realize that).

Now, I'm happier in my skin and this translates to what I'm wearing. In high school, I wasn't dressing for myself as much as I should have been. In college, I have worked on developing my sense of style and I have spent many hours at second-hand stores picking through the racks to find that ~perfect~ pair of pants.