9 Reasons Dressing Down For Class Is Better Than Dressing Up For It

9 Reasons Dressing Down For Class Is Better Than Dressing Up For It

Sweats FTW.


I don't even know the last time I dressed up to go to class. I either wear my work clothes or I throw on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt and off I go. Some people say dress for success and sweatpants aren't it, but who said you couldn't be comfy and successful?

1. Comfort


This is the most basic reason. Sweatpants are just comfortable and after a long day at work, I'm not about to wear jeans to my night class. No, thank you.

2. If you're late for class then you don't have to change


I'm sure every college student has gotten up a little too late to look presentable, but that's where the sweatpants come in. When you wear sweatpants to class it's like you're wearing your pajamas. Make it right on time and also very comfortable.

3. Sleep is a priority


It actually takes a ton of effort to put on a pair of jeans, cute sandals, and a nice shirt. Not to mention, if you have to do that then you probably are going to want to do your hair. That takes like a full twenty minutes which means getting up even earlier.

4. I would have to change so many times


If I changed into nicer looking clothes every time I went to class, some days I would change my outfit four times a day and I'm not down for that. Most of the time I wear my work clothes and that's perfectly OK with me.

5. It could come off as trying too hard


This one doesn't really bother me but people have this fear of people judging them if they dress up. I mean it really doesn't matter, but if you're worried about being a try hard, either ignore them or wear sweats.

6. You can't just jump back into bed after class


This one is perfect if you have an 8 a.m. Those can be brutal, but if you just put on a different sweatshirt and brush your teeth you're all set to go to class and then get back to bed right away. That is if you don't have another class after.

7. If you spill your coffee on your sweatshirt, it's no big deal


Spilling drinks on my sweatshirts is no big deal anymore because I can just go to Goodwill and buy another one.

8. Real clothes are actually really expensive


I was walking around Target the other day and was actually shocked about how expensive a new pair of jeans are. They're like thirty bucks. I'm not sure about you but I would rather continually wear my high school basketball sweatpants than buy new jeans.

9. It honestly doesn't matter what you wear


Most people in college don't care what other students wear because everyone minds their own business for the most part. That's the best part because most of the other students wear sweatpants, too!

Of course, it's OK to get dressed up for class but some people like to just chill in sweats. You can be successful and comfortable at the same time!

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