Dreams And Aspirations

Dreams And Aspirations

Goals and dreams not fulfilled

What are dreams and goals that people seek to accomplish? Many think of going to the NBA or becoming a lawyer or doctor. Goals and dreams can be accomplished, but if one's mind is not set in stone, then that dream/goal cannot be completed. Some people see and envision that dream or goal, but never take any action. Action is the first step to pursuing your dreams, but with no well-thought plan, that will result in a disoriented incomplete goal. Goals and dreams are not meant to be played with because one can lead to something spectacular that one never thought would have happened. Any dream can be accomplished with a little courage, hard work, and a humble mindset. A dream is a goal that has unlimited steps that must be continued to be walked on. Goals come and go, but dreams can last forever.

If a reaching dream or goal is easy, that means that dream did not come the right way. Anything that comes easy is not right and should not feel very rewarding either. Hard work pays off every time and whether or not something is accomplished, hard work should always feel rewarding every time. Everyone does not put enough work into something they want, but into something they need. Needs and wants are two different things; Some people may say they "need" this job, but "want" this career. It is complicated, and people do not realize word of choice comes a long way in life. The saying "Actions speak louder than words", says a lot to others who say they will accomplish this dream, but never makes the initiative to try. I feel like someone can jump in a pool to swim, but how long will that person really stay in the pool if they can't swim? I believe saying and doing something are two different things that others like to mess around with. When people have dreams, while sleeping, those are thoughts that that person have been thinking about the whole entire day.

I love people who follow their dreams and continue to follow their dreams until that dream is a reality. That dream becomes realistic to them and no one could tell them anymore that they can't accomplish that dream. Dreams are similar to legs, once they die out, you cannot bring them back. I would like everyone to fulfill their dreams and never think of what anyone has to say to you. People would always bring you down and say you cannot do that, but anything is possible to anyone. Everything happens for a reason, so just know if that dream is not accomplished that first try, continue trying until you nail it down. A dream does not come easy, but hard work will seal the deal.

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Figure Skater Adam Rippon Is The U.S.'s First Openly Gay Man To Qualify For The Olympics

"Lots of hard work, but with better eyebrows."

Last week, 28-year-old American figure skater, Adam Rippon, became the first openly gay man to qualify for the winter Olympics. Despite finishing in fourth place overall, Rippon was chosen to accompany Nathan Chen and Vincent Zhou in Pyeongchang next month. This sparked some controversy based on Rippon’s selection over Ross Miner, who came in second place at the national championship.

In the end, Rippon’s hard work and track record paid off.

This is a big deal for not only the world due to Rippon’s openness and celebration of his sexuality, but also for myself because he happens to be from my hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Way to represent the 570, Adam!

I think Rippon can serve as an inspiration to not only people in the LGBTQ+ community, but also for anyone who has a dream. Coming from a person who knows first-hand how hard it is to keep a dream alive in the small-town of Clarks Summit, I think Rippon’s determination, hard work and confidence is admirable.

Through his figure skating, he has shown people what you can accomplish when you set your mind to something, even when hundreds of people are telling you that you can’t do it.

In a recent tweet, Rippon wrote, “I was recently asked in an interview what it’s like to be a gay athlete in sports. I said that it’s exactly like being a straight athlete. Lots of hard work, but usually done with better eyebrows.”

I can’t wait to see Rippon represent the United States at the Olympics this year. Also, I hope everyone takes away something from his story because he truly is an inspiration and is paving the way for future figure skaters. Never be ashamed of who you are or pursuing your dreams because who knows, you could be the next Adam Rippon?

Check out Adam’s routine at the national championships here:

Cover Image Credit: @adaripp

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When You Are Still In Love With the Game

When basketball is much, much more than a game to you.

It's that time of the year again- basketball season. The middle of the NBA season, college basketball is starting to get into conference play, and high school teams across the country are past the halfway point of the season.

But when you are still in love with the game, the season never ends.

It is going to happen to everyone at some point. Whether it’s in the pros, college, or for most of us your senior year of high school, you will have played your last official game of basketball. And that is a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, feeling for some players.

But when you are still in love with the game, the heart never fully recovers.

Yeah sure, there is always going to be pick-up games and intramurals and all of that, but nothing will satisfy your craving to go back in time and play in your finest moment. All of hoopers have one. That moment you think about every damn time you pick up a basketball and the replay start going through your mind about how you want that moment back…

But when you are still in love with the game, that pain never goes away, you just become numb to the feeling.

You are going to go to all of your universities or colleges home games, just to watch that sweet, fluent poetry that few people understand. The whole arena is going to see the highlight reel dunk,

But when you are still in love with the game, you will be one of the few who noticed the ball fake right before the bounce pass that got the ball to him.

We are all going to have that one coach too, that is going to be way more than a coach to you. To everyone else they just the work he puts in on the court. You see the insane amount of effort and dedication they pour into the team. You go visit coach in their office and see the double-sided whiteboard filled with potential schemes and play. You talk to them about more and more basketball not because it is the only thing you have in common, but because you two have that same undeniable passion and fire for the game.

But when you are still in love with the game, that relationship develops into a lifelong connection and friendship you would not trade for the world.

Going with that coach, there’s going to be a team that lives on in your mind. That team where it wasn’t all about winning, but it was all about having fun. Nothing will ever replace all of the memories you have with them, and the bond you shared will never be broken. In that season, you realized that basketball was much more than a sport.

But when you are still in love with the game, you will never quit the game. No matter the painful memories of losing that heartbreaker or getting hurt, basketball was one of the greatest things that ever happened to you. Anyone that truly loves the game would run it back in a heartbeat.

Cover Image Credit: Dastor News

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