How To Turn Dreams Into Reality

I think anyone who has ever dreamed to do anything in their lifetime knows the excitement that comes with dreaming. There's always a sense of hope and fate that comes along with dreaming. Sure, "anything could happen" and "nothing can stop the strongest dreamer."

My mom always allowed me to dream freely. Many parents of kids I knew already started encouraging them to pursue certain careers from a young age. When it really mattered when we all got old enough to apply for college, many of my friends were applying to schools and deciding on majors that their parents approved of. My mom always encouraged me to follow my dreams and to study what I was passionate about.

So when it came to turning dreams into reality, I began setting goals and creating plans. I was ready to turn my wildest dreams into my life, my actual life. My passions lit a fire in my heart and mind, and I never stopped pushing for the future that I wanted.

Recently, someone told me that I didn't dream. I just did it. Yes, I pulled a Shia LaBeouf and just did it.

When I get an idea in my head, I begin to plan, I form an attachment to the idea. I immediately decide that I want that idea to be a reality. I try not to hesitate or overthink, as doubt will set in.

My dreaming is doing. For me, there is nothing scarier than not knowing and not trying, so I push to make every possible move to try everything I can to live my best life. I would rather live a life where I have failed, fallen, been broken and bruised than live a life full of what ifs and why didn't I at least try.

My biggest dream since I first got to visit New York was to one day call the Big Apple my home. Right now, I have ideas and plans that I want to execute, but I don't have a job lined up just yet. People ask me, "What happens if you don't find a job right away?" That answer is simple: it's my dream, and it'll happen one way or another because I am able to dream without boundaries.

Some people are quick to think about what could go wrong, but in reality, imagine all that could go right. Don't get me wrong, I have doubts about my dreams all of the time. That voice gets a little loud sometimes saying "Can I really do this?" or "Do I have what it takes?"

I do have what it takes. I have passion, drive, and a big and strong heart that I put into everything I do, and I have the will to make it all happen. I will make it happen...that is my answer every time someone doubts my future in the same way I sometimes doubt myself.

If you dream as if you can't fail, then you'll always beat out doubts about yourself. Sure, it can happen, but knowing that you can overcome your doubts and any downfalls you may have will always keep you in the game of life. I dream because I was born a dreamer and because I was told I could be anything and do anything I wanted in life.

And best believe I believed them when they told me that.

Dreaming is doing. Dreaming is getting out there, getting your hands dirty, making mistakes, making it work, and being the you that you've always dreamt of being. Dreaming is throwing caution to the wind and living by the seat of your pants occasionally.

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