You Can Dream Both Big And Small
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Student Life

You May Dream Big And Small And That's Ok

It's still OK to dream big though

You May Dream Big And Small And That's Ok

This past weekend I was in the car with my brother on our way back from Phoenix and all of the sudden a song came on K-Loved called "Dream Small" by Josh Wilson. In this song, it talks about why it's important to dream small and not to take those moments for granted. Like what the song says "Live while loving God and others as yourself. Find little ways where only you can help With His great love.

A tiny rock can make a giant fall, so dream small. Keep loving, keep serving to Keep listening, keep learning to Keep praying, keep hoping to Keep seeking, keep searching out of these small things and watch them grow bigger. God who does all things makes oceans from rivers. So dream small. Don't bother like you've gotta do it all. Just let Jesus use you where you are. One day at a time"

Those words stick to me.

It reminded me of a time where all I ever did was dream big and take the small things I did for granted. Like for example at the beginning of the second semester of college, I dreamt of becoming a chaplain for either the NFL or for a major league baseball team. Well during the semester I realized that was not my calling and I should be a chaplain for people at the behavioral hospital instead.

You may be wondering "TIFFANY, I have this big dream of mine that I'm working towards." Just look at what this verse says "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" (Jeremiah 29:11)

I know you guys all know what song I'm about to reference here. That song that goes like this "God's plan, God's plan I can't do this on my own, ay, no, ay"

Drakes new song God's plan.

Just like this song says we can't do this life on our own. We need God to lead it.

One way that dream big has come true specifically is for Lebron James. When he was younger he said that one day if he becomes a famous basketball player he will donate to the community where he was raised. This past week he opened up a school called Promise School. This school is located in eastern Ohio. This school will focus on accelerated learning, provides job placement assistance for parents, on-site food bank, supports the student with stress from economic causes, give every student a bike to escape from a bad part of town and to explore, free college tuition for every student that graduates starting in 2021.

Wow, this is amazing! Imagine how many lives are going to change because of this school. It even makes eastern Ohio a safer community. God may not lead you to do something as big as what Lebron James is doing.

Even the little things like paying for someones Starbucks, talking to someone with a disability, saying "hi" to someone, or even just sitting down and listening to someone who is struggling or just wants someone to talk can make all the difference. I know when someone takes time to listen to the struggles, it helps me get through my day. Even telling someone that you are praying for them makes their day as well. Remember God has a plan. No matter how big or small, God's way is always the right way to go.

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