The Realization

The other day, I found myself scrolling mindlessly-something we all need to get a little less good at, to be honest-until I stumbled upon a quote that really made me pull the brakes and think about my life for a hot minute. The words that halted my quick thumb from scrolling away from them were as follows: "Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you".

The Epiphany

Ok, hold up. This sounds like a bunch of beautiful words strung together in an attempt to make a pin on Pinterest find success, but if you really think about it, the words put together are something quite revolutionary. Maybe Cinderella was right when she sang that "a dream is a wish your heart makes" all along. Even though she was referring to the kind of dreams our crazy wild minds make up in the middle of the night when I thought we were supposed to be unconscious or something, and maybe those are the kinds of dreams this quote is technically referring to as well, I think it's so much greater when applied to that other sort of dream.

The ones in which we all hope to be fairytales come to life when we're six years old and sipping on Capri Suns with all our best pals, grubby hands from digging in the backyard, trying to find a trail to lead us to Terabithia or somewhere. The kinds of dreams that tell us when we're 14, and gossiping on the swings in the playground of our old elementary school, that we want to create the next big thing, even though we're not sure what big thing we want to create, and still aren't, to be honest.

And now, the dreams that find us in the middle of the night, when we're vulnerable to the other type of dreams, ready to snatch our brains away from us in the night and do what they want with us, that right be before we fall asleep, we realize we want to go to Bali tomorrow, because why the heck not. This dream we're thinking of now is for our future. Our FUTURE! That fact alone should tell us that we should never abandon these types of dreams.

Ok. Cool! What now?

So now we know that this type of dream, the one that speaks to us when we're barely listening and tells us we want to be on a cooking show alongside Rachael Ray, is persistent and demanding. And it seems they are this way because they are really bits of our souls, rising to the surface in an attempt to point our lives in the right direction. I need some direction, and badly, so I don't know about you, but I am going to start listening when my soul floats bits of itself up to my brain in the form of a new dream. And HECK, I am excited to start pursuing them. So dream on, friends. Dream on.