Dre Ronayne Is The Goth Princess Taking Over The Internet

Dre Ronayne Is The Goth Princess Taking Over The Internet

From cosplay and makeup to adventures and ridiculous antics, this girl's got it all.

In the last six months, I have gone from "I've never contoured in my life" to "I own two Anastasia Beverly Hills contour pallets, one cream and one powder because you never know what level of dramatic you might need."

I blame Dre Ronayne.

If you do not know who Dre is, you have been living under a rock (like I had), and you are about to be blown away.

Dre-Hecking-Ronayne everybody.

Not only is Dre a drop-dead makeup artist out of California, but she's nerdy, quirky, goth, and undeniably herself, through and through.

Meet the Fellowship of the Rainbow, AKA, the greatest group of women I've ever known via the Internet. Each one of them is unique and empowering, and together, this group of women is unstoppable. Kelly Eden is the pink ball of glitter in the back, and she's the one who originally corrupted my life and sent me spiraling into an obsessive lifestyle revolving around this group of women, cosplay, makeup, fashion, and individuality.

Not only is Dre a well-reputed makeup artist, but she's basically the poster child for Hot Topic.

She cosplays, like in this picture with her best friend, Chris Villain.

She's a model, and she has her own collection with Fox Blood.

Dre does it all, and she does it with style. She actively reaches out to her fanbase, and she's never let her fame get to her head. With 157K Instagram followers (she's following 666 people...is this a coincidence?), she has quite the influence on people across the world.

To get 2018 rolling, Dre decided to do a month-long makeup challenge.


It is just what the hashtag looks like — Dre Ronayne's February 2018 Makeup Challenge. Each day of the month is something unique. Some are funky, some pretty tame, and others are out of this world. The hashtag has been used over 550 times on Instagram, and the number keeps jumping each day of the challenge.

I even decided to try my hand at day four of the makeup challenge: Green.

Dre Ronayne is one of the kindest and most incredible influencers out there. If you're looking for makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, how-to-be-goth DIYs, random adventures to Disneyland, ridiculous antics with friends, and lots of nerdy references — Dre Ronayne is your gal.

If you want to try a day of the makeup challenge, be sure to tag her in it!

Check her out on social media! You won't regret it.





Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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