DrChrono EMR Software: Top Features and Alternatives
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DrChrono EMR Software: Top Features and Alternatives

DrChrono is a cloud-based electronic health record program that was created in 2009.

DrChrono EMR Software: Top Features and Alternatives

DrChrono is a cloud-based electronic health record program that was created in 2009.

DrChrono EHR Software

DrChrono EMR is one of the top five EHR software options available on the market today. It is a piece of software that is continually striving for progress and growth. DrChrono is a cloud-based electronic health record program that was created in 2009.

DrChrono provides services to tens of thousands of doctors and millions of patients. It was the first EHR to create an iPad and iPhone app. It was established to ensure that the quality of care continues to improve. DrChrono EHR has a number of advantages, which we will discuss as we progress through this essay. We'll also discuss the DrChrono EHR's major competitors. However, if you're interested in learning more about DrChrono EHR cost or reading DrChrono EHR reviews, you should arrange a DrChrono EHR demo.

4 Features you need to look for during DrChrono EHR Demo

Customizable Templates

DrChrono's configurable template's function is one of its most well-known features. These templates assist practitioners in gathering, presenting, and organizing clinical data, resulting in increased efficiency. When used correctly, templates can help physicians spend less time on documentation and more time with patients by reducing typing. The DrChrono Templates tool helps you save both time and money. They not only save time but also help to ensure project uniformity.

Clinical Documentation

Another feature that consumers adore about DrChrono is how it manages its documents. Documentation can be time-consuming and difficult. When documentation is done manually, a lot of time is spent on it, time that could be spent on other things. Manual documents are prone to becoming misplaced, mixed up, and containing numerous inaccuracies. You can do your tasks more precisely and effectively with DrChrono EMR's documentation tool.

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management

DrChrono Revenue Management Cycle is one feature that we just cannot overlook. If you manage your income appropriately, you can aid in the continuous expansion of your practice. DrChrono billing is a terrific tool for you to manage your billing and be aware of all the projected income from patient payments, according to DrChrono reviews. It aids in the improvement of your financial situation.

Electronic Prescriptions

A physician's finest tool for keeping track of his patient's situation is an electronic prescription. You may virtually write prescriptions for pharmaceuticals using the DrChrono Electronic Prescriptions capabilities, which means your patients can pick up their medications from their local pharmacy because the prescription is transmitted to the pharmacy automatically. DrChrono's electronic prescriptions feature aids in the prevention of prescription drug errors, the easy prescribing of controlled substances, the monitoring of controlled substance prescriptions, and the quick reconciliation of medication histories, among other things.

Top 4 DrChrono EHR Substitutes

Allegiance EHR

AllegianceMD is growing prominence in the medical records sector and has a large user base. It has a number of important features that will help you operate your medical practice successfully. The usage of AlleigianceMD speeds up the charting process and saves you time and personnel. There are pre-built templates that you may alter and arrange, as well as autofill fields. These aid doctors and nurses inaccurately filling out reports and forms. The charts on AllegianceMD are particularly appealing because they do not compromise the data's quality.

The e-prescription portal, which connects doctors and pharmacists, is another feature of this EHR. You can place an online purchase for your patient's medication and also provide them with an electronic prescription that they can access through the patient portal. Patients can get their prescriptions more easily whenever they need them.


Doctors and other medical professionals have given EpicCare EMR great marks, and many have made comparisons in DrChrono EHR reviews. There is a patient portal that allows your patients to log in and examine their medical records more easily. It also informs them about their diagnosis and connects them to pertinent medical information. Signing in and clicking a few buttons allows them to plan their next visit or obtain their digital prescription. This feature allows your support staff to focus on other tasks and eliminates the need for them to field numerous calls from patients seeking their reports.

Another benefit of EpicCare EHR is that it offers a scheduling feature that ensures no one misses an appointment. It can send out reminders via email or text message to guarantee that everyone attends.


Kareo EMR is one of the most comprehensive medical software packages available, and it costs around the same as DrChrono. Kareo's most notable feature is that it makes charting for doctors extremely simple. With the voice recognition capability, they may fill out reports and dictate notes while on the road. It transforms sounds into text and allows them to type information without having to use their hands, allowing them to multitask. Kareo is a time saving for medical professionals, which is why they prefer it for their clinics and hospitals.

Another aspect worth noticing is the possibility of charging through Kareo. It also has a greater rate of acceptance and approval by medical insurance providers. With the suggestion tool and autofill fields, you can reduce report inconsistencies.


In terms of capabilities, functions, and users, AdvancedMD is similar to DrChrono EHR. AdvancedMD has a telemedicine feature that allows doctors to interact with patients and plan virtual appointments. The video conferencing quality is excellent, and it has assisted many clinics in keeping up with the COVID-19 epidemic.

Another benefit that many customers mention in DrChrono reviews is the centralized dashboard, which allows you to access all of the capabilities from one screen, where they are all properly organized

Final Thoughts!

DrChrono is a great software. However, if you are looking for its alternatives, that’s totally your call. It is ultimately up to you to determine which medical software to purchase. We recommend that you get a demonstration from the vendor you're speaking with. You'll be able to check how much DrChrono costs and whether it's worth the money. You may also request additional demos to compare everything. It's best to know what you're getting into ahead of time so there are no unpleasant surprises afterward. Make sure you check out the software we have mentioned as according to our research, they’d work good in place of DrChrono.

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