Why Dr. Jean's "Guacamole Song" Is Me

Why Dr. Jean's "Guacamole Song" Is Me

guac-amole, guac guac-amole

If you have not seen the guacamole song yet, please watch this video first: Here

Since seeing this video, my life has never been the same. Whenever I am in line at Chipotle, I cannot help but hum this tune in my head. In chemistry when we have to use Avogadro's number, I always imagine Dr. Jean in my head forming the avocado. It has poisoned my every thought and I finally realized it is because the song is pretty much my life in a nutshell...or an avocado shell:

The "form the avocado" phase:

When you first turn to the video, Dr. Jean is forming the avocado. Instantly I couldn't help but laugh and question what I was watching. I feel as though that is pretty similar to what people think when they first meet me. Like Dr. Jean, I am certainly an interesting character, a little weird and a lot of funny (or a lot of weird and rarely funny...). When someone first meets me, they might as well picture me forming the avocado.

The "peel the avocado" phase:

After you compose yourself from the initial laughs, you start to realize that Dr. Jean isn't simply putting on an act, but that this is who she truly is. When people get to know me, they realize that my outrageous behavior is not for show but rather is who I am. It is sort of a nice feeling knowing that your friends can be who they are and you can be who you truly are without any sort of discomfort. That's why I always bring my weird to the table because I know people will accept the fact that I am peeling the avocado.

The "guacamole, guac guacamole" phase:

In the final stage of the song, Dr. Jean's enthusiasm for guacamole is evident. She is showing the world that she made this video to honestly inform people how to make the perfect guacamole. Once people get to know me, they learn that under my soft avocado shell, I am a truly motivated and dedicated person. I am also extremely enthusiastic and energetic towards everything I do. I believe the guacamole phase of my personality is my best quality. I enjoy staying positive and spreading my happiness as much as I can.

I love seeing tweets, Facebook posts and vines about Dr. Jean's Banana Dance (aka the "Guacamole Song"). Her spirit and happiness is touching lives worldwide and I now know how to perfectly prepare an avocado in order to make guacamole. Dr. Jean, I hope you never stop doing you!

Watch the video in full here:

Cover Image Credit: http://cdn.makeagif.com/media/9-04-2015/gx97OY.gif

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10 Reasons Moe's Will Always And Forever Be Superior To Chipotle

Welcome to Moe's!

With the great debate between which burrito place is the best, here are 10 reasons why Moe's is clearly the better option than Chipotle. *Side note, I do like Chipotle, but Moe's will always be No. 1 in my heart.


You don't get this kind of hospitality from Chipotle.

2. Their menu is much larger.

Moe's offers burritos, quesadillas, nachos, burrito bowls, tacos, salads, and they all have cool names! Chipotle just has burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads. BORING.

3. They offer a variety of toppings.

Moe's offers over 20 fresh ingredients while Chipotle has...barely anything. :/

4. Moe Monday.

$5 BURRITOS!!!!! Seriously no one can beat that.

5. Their prices in general.

At Chipotle it's $6.50 just for a for a burrito alone. Add on chips, guac and a drink and that's roughly $13. At Moe's you can get a burrito, chips, unlimited salsa, and a drink for $8.80. Add on queso and that's only $1.25 more. (But totally worth it!!!) Which brings me to my next case...

6. QUESO!!!!!!!!!!

Queso is bae. That is all.

7. Free chips and a salsa bar!

We don't pay extra here.

8. The atmosphere at Moe's just feels better.

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9. Moe's is made with FRESH ingredients.

I'm not even gonna get into the whole Chipotle situation...

10. Overall, Moe's just tastes better than Chipotle.

Sorry 'bout it.

Cover Image Credit: http://theconcourse.deadspin.com

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7 Things Every Commuter College Student Needs

Trust me, this will make your life so much easier.


The commuting struggle is real. But throughout my last two weeks commuting on the bus, I have compiled a list of items that will surely make your commute to and from school a hundred times easier.

1. A portage charger 


My phone has died almost every single day. My gaps are so short that I have to choose between eating lunch or finding an outlet so I decided to buy a portable charger, it's sooo worth it !!!

2. A sweater 



Make sure to layer in order to be comfortable throughout the day. And always carry an extra sweater because there are some classrooms that have no mercy and literally feel like a fridge.

3. A tote bag 


Girl, I know. You are already carrying a backpack so why would I add a tote bag? But hear me out. You have to carry your lunch or your extra sweater or your computer and phone charger somewhere. This makes it easier to keep this stuff separated from your notebooks, laptop, etc. Plus if you get a cute tote bag it'll make your outfit perfect!

4. Hydroflask 

Ok, it doesn't need to be a hydroflask but I feel like these water bottles are literally indestructible. Last year I dropped mine from the top of my bunk bed and it only got the smallest dent. It also keeps your water at the same temperature the whole day. No joke, I put ice cold water on my hydro flask one morning and came back to my dorm at 10 pm and it was still freezing cold.

5. A pair of good headphones


This is another thing learned from my experience. I'm very used to working in noisy environments because I just plug in my earphones and drown out the world. Noise-canceling earphones work best. And trust me a good pair of earphones go a long way because they're going to provide you with entertainment during your downtime.

6. Comfortable shoes 


To be quite honest with you, I feel like I walk less now than when I lived on campus (shoutout to the UCLA hills). My bus drops me off on campus daily and I stay there for all of my class. Nonetheless, a pair of good shoes is definitely necessary. You are going to be out on campus for many hours and you want to make sure to be comfortable. My go to's are my pair of slip on vans.

7. A reliable weather app


This is one I'm still struggling with. In the morning I heck the iPhone weather app but it has failed me multiple times. And honestly this is the key to having a good day, well at least for me. I want to dress accordingly to the weather but when it keeps failing me I end up being a sweaty mess because I came dressed ready for winter.

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