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Dr Cheryl Pruitt

Dr Cheryl Pruitt observed Humans now live in a world where science has far overshadowed mankind. Technology has become increasingly relevant in many aspects of people's lives. Some education analysts claim that technological advancements have improved the world's educational infrastructure, which is valid to some degree, but many others believe that technological advancements have hurt education according to Dr Cheryl Pruitt. Students are becoming more reliant on computers to fulfill their assignments rather than relying on their own experience, which is a bad indicator for the advancement of education and civilization in the real world. There are many advantages and disadvantages of technology told by Dr Cheryl Pruitt in education; however, we will focus on the negative effects of technology on educational development today.


In the current day, understudies are not reliant upon pen and paper. In this cutting-edge time of innovation, PCs and different gadgets have subbed the utilization of pen and paper. These innovative gadgets offer many progressed highlights to the client which is substantially more accommodating than utilizing pen and paper, however, the support of these gadgets costs a fortune to the proprietor as per Dr Cheryl Pruitt. The support requires an immense measure of cash and the update of the obsolete programming additionally takes a decent lot of cash. So we can say that innovation has made training costly.

Students' Tasks Getting Misplaced

This is one of the significant disadvantages of utilizing gadgets like workstations and PCs for instructive purposes. Workstations and PCs are gadgets made by individuals and these gadgets can glitch because of inward or outer causes. In the current day understudies will in general tackle every one of their tasks on their workstations or PCs, even the schools and universities additionally need this task as delicate duplicates. For example, an understudy finished their task with a ton of difficult work and tolerance. Assuming the PC of the understudy abruptly glitches without a second to spare, the understudy will be in extraordinary difficulty. Every one of the endeavors and difficult work will go to no end in the eyes of Dr Cheryl Pruitt. So because of the breakdown of a gadget the whole exertion of the understudy will turn into a waste. It is encouraged to the understudies to consistently have reinforcement or a printed copy of the necessary records. So we can say that these gadgets are not completely trustworthy.


Awareness, it is said, has no age or cap. Many students want to keep studying daily, but it can be daunting for them to attend any of the lecture courses regularly. These complications can arise for a variety of causes, including health problems, family issues, and other concerns. Technology has overcome this challenge, and students can now study the topics they skipped from blogs available on the internet, which Dr Cheryl Pruitt can access anytime and from anywhere they choose. The approach is flawed in and of itself; the contents and lecture videos on the Website demand a fast internet connection, so they cannot be viewed smoothly if the internet is weak. In comparison to physical lectures, these online lectures struggle to inspire students.


Digital books are essentially electronic books. Digital books are the electronic forms of ordinary books so these are not difficult to store and an individual doesn't need to purchase this book from the store, the person can without much of a stretch download it from the web. The issue is that these books are not viable with every one of the gadgets and continually looking towards the screen of the PC or a cell phone can mess the eye up to the client. So it is prescribed to the understudies to utilize ordinary books. One approach to deal with the similarity issue is to change over eBooks into a more widespread arrangement like PDF. A powerful PDF editorial manager like PDF element will allow you to change over EPUB and other eBook designs into PDF as per Dr Cheryl Pruitt. This arrangement will look similar regardless of what OS or gadget the client sees it on, so you can have a blend of text and other rich media content when utilizing PDF without agonizing over design issues. In actuality, PDF element likewise allows you to change over printed materials into editable PDFs from a picture or filtered PDF records, giving you considerably greater adaptability.

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