Rapping, Producing, Directing, Korean Group DPR Can Do It All
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Rapping, Producing, Directing, Korean Group DPR Can Do It All

Listening to DPR's music and watching their music videos makes you appreciate how much effort is put in behind the scenes.

Rapping, Producing, Directing, Korean Group DPR Can Do It All
DPR LIVE / instagram

Rapping. Singing. Producing music. Directing music videos. Creating. Now imagine all of those jobs in one group and you have DPR.

Dream Perfect Regime is a multi-genre music and video group based in Seoul, South Korea. They're a group like no other. On their website, they describe their main goal to "engage all audiences by actualizing a distinctive audiovisual experience." And that's exactly what they do.

The group came together in 2015 with its members coming from all over. Don't get confused, they aren't boy band (in fact, nothing even close). They are a group that works on all different platforms to create music and visuals.

You may have heard of "Eung Freestyle." Racking up 28 million views on YouTube, this video went viral and was used frequently in YouTube's ads.

The music video features DPR's frontman and rapper, LIVE. To understand more about the group, you have to know the members and roles that they play to create their masterpieces.


As mentioned before, DPR LIVE, or Dabin, is DPR's rapper, whose voice you will hear on every song. His tagline "Coming to you live!" is similar to that of a live broadcaster on the news, which goes along with his artist name. He released his debut album, "Coming To You Live," just last year! Here is one of my favorite songs off of it.

The same year, he also released "Her." My favorite song of that album is "Text Me." Note how he seamlessly switches from Korean to English, while still maintaining a good flow.

Some fun facts about LIVE: He is from South Korea but was raised in Guam. He can fluently speak both English and Korean.


So after watching those two music videos, did you see how aesthetically pleasing, creative and straight up AMAZING those visuals were? It was all thanks to the next member, +IAN, or Christian Yu. He is the group's director and chief editor for the music videos and creatives. He is also the founder of DPR. He has directed music videos for many big-name Korean artists, such as Big Bang's Taeyang. Just to emphasize how talented and artistic these music videos he creates are, here are my favorites.

What I love about his work is how the visuals create the mood for the song and it just makes it that more entertaining and enjoying to watch.

Some fun facts about Christian: He used to be apart of the Kpop scene, being one of the members of the group "C-Clown," which has since disbanded. He is from Australia! He also speaks Korean and English fluently.


Behind the musical masterpieces is DPR CREAM, or Cream. He is DPR's producer! His favorite track off the "Coming To You Live" album is "Laputa." He made the majority of the beats in DPR LIVE's debut album.

Some fun facts about Cream: He can fluently speak Korean, but cannot speak English as well. He is also a member of the South Korean duo, LAYBACKSOUND.


Last but not least is DPR REM, also known as Scott Kim. He is in charge of the merchandise (which sold out in a day) and is the production director.

Some fun facts about Scott: He is from the United States. He can speak both English and Korean fluently.

Now that you understand the roles of each member, it is evident that this group works together to create like nothing we've seen before. What I love about DPR is how unique this group is. Listening to their music and watching their music video makes you appreciate how much effort is put in behind the scenes.

Check out their latest song, "Action!" featuring GRAY. It is a masterpiece from beginning to end; you can hear how creative the music was produced.

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