If you're anything like me, you can't live without chocolate. I love it so much that it's dangerous to have in the house because it's bound to disappear within the span of a day or two. So, when I get chocolate it's a treat, but one that I can't live without. Dark chocolate ranks highest with me, and any addition to it is always a good idea: peanut butter, mint, almonds, the list goes on. On my top-three favorite brands of chocolate is Dove.

Not only do I seem to portion-control those chocolates better than most, but it is also the packaging that keeps me coming back. Why packaging? Because each chocolate is individually wrapped in aluminum foil and each comes with a quote. Most are of the inspirational variety and sometimes that's all we need: uplifting, inspirational quotes, and chocolate.

1. "Everyone has a happy ending. If you're not happy, it's not the end."

Just keep repeating this until you believe it.

2. "A smile is the quickest way to brighten a room." - Jessica D., South Carolina

Smiling isn't weak, it's strong.

3. "It's your call." - Jenna L., New York

Always do what's best for you. Don't let anyone make you do anything that you don't feel is right for you.

4. "Do YOU." - Jocelyn H., New York

Be true to yourself and be yourself no matter what.

5. "Hands are meant to be held." - Carina T., Nevada

Be close with those who deserve your love and loyalty. Holding hands brings us closer together and strengthens the human bond. Let's bring more positive energy into our lives!

6. "Keep life moving forward, looking backward is only for time travelers." - Rachel O., Washington

Being mad about the past and holding grudges for people's past actions is a complete waste of time. What isn't a waste of time is forgiving people and moving forward in life without harboring negative energy.

7. "If you are reading this, you are beautiful and worth it." - Alicia C., Texas

Yes, you!

8. "Every moment matters, including this one." - Autumn B., Florida

Keep yourself grounded in everything you do and remember to always be present. Don't let moments pass you by and always do the best you can, whatever that means.

9. "Be YOU-nique." - Bethany P., New York

There's only one you so be the best, unique version of yourself and never forget who you are.

10. "When life isn't going right, go left." - Melissa S., South Dakota

This is your life, and you're in control. If something isn't going right, reevaluate and change your course of action.

11. "Live your life every day with no regrets, it'll be worth it." - Daniel M., Pennsylvania

Even if you end up getting the world's worst tattoo, it'll still be worth it in the grand scheme of life. Remember, you won't look back on the mundane but on the crazy so live your life with this in mind.