I’m very much a skeptical person in most aspects of life. I’m not religious and I’ve always prized a scientific perspective above all else. However, there are certain things in this world that I do not question or mess with: ghosts, spirits, and demons. I believe, spiritually, that there are good and bad forces in the universe, and that when someone messes around with items like Ouija boards, they run the risk of calling something very negative into their life. Because my mother and grandmother instilled this superstitious behavior in me early on, there are few things that freak me out more than Ouija boards.

I actually used to have one in my home. My neighbor and I bought it as a joke from Barnes and Noble, then attempted to use it at her house. Nothing seemed to happen so we put it away in a random closet at my home. However, through the years after I noticed a slightly negative energy that would linger in my house so I could never feel truly at ease. It did not even occur to me though that it could be related to the Ouija board; heck, maybe it never was. However, I recently remembered the board’s existence and begged my mother to throw it away. Ever since, the negative energy seems to have faded. But, maybe I’m imagining things. However, to celebrate me getting rid of the Ouija board, I am going to share a few Ouija board horror stories I found particularly scary.

The first story is about Angela Jackson, mother of two. After having drinks, she and her neighbors started playing with a Ouija board, using a whisky glass as a planchette. The spirit they contacted asked for Angela and spelled out “die.” It said that she was going to be murdered just like it had been. Angela asked who it was and it said “Satan.” She screamed that she wasn’t scared and a tumbler flew off the table and smashed into a wall and the door slammed shut. Later on, she woke up screaming from a nightmare where she dreamt she was being attacked by a male apparition carrying a hammer. When walking to a friend’s house, she heard a voice say “die” and when she turned around a man emerged from the shadows wielding a hammer. He attacked her and she eventually recovered, but to this day there is still no trace of her attacker.

The next tale is about a girl named Jessica who decided to contact spirits with her friends. They made a makeshift Ouija board out of paper and used a cup as a planchette. At first nothing happened, but then the planchette began to move rapidly across the board. It spelled out the words “murder” and “lust” and then the girls stopped the session, too scared to continue. After that, every night Jessica would wake up at three in the morning with an unexplained feeling of dread. When she was walking with a friend, they claimed to have seen a figure of a man just up the road leaning against a fence beside the haunted house in their neighborhood. That night, Jessica woke up to the feeling of being pinned face-down by what seemed to be a man and he muttered something unintelligible in her ear. A few days later, her grandmother, who was perceptive to the paranormal, came into the room and felt a negative presence there. As they discussed the presence, Jessica’s feeling of dread returned and she said that she felt as if she was being pulled further away from the room. When she tried to explain this feeling to her mom, she couldn’t talk or move and felt like she was being controlled. Until she managed to scream. The family brought a priest to bless the house and while he was doing so, all of the pipes burst and they heard a screaming noise. Afterward, everything went back to normal.

The final story I’m going to share was posted by user MadeupMadi on Wattpad. In the post, she describes how when she was 12-years-old, she and her friend Jamie used to play with a Ouija board. The first few times they played with it, they would hear the water in a bathroom faucet turning on full blast by itself, even when they were alone in the house. Then when they were using it one night, they didn’t communicate with any spirits so they just left it to the side and talked amongst themselves. Suddenly, Jamie stopped responding and was just staring ahead, her eyes wide and seemingly pupil-less. She did not look like herself at all. Suddenly, she turned to the user and shouted in a deep, baritone male voice “Stop what you are doing!” Jamie repeated this shout again, and then suddenly went back to normal with no recollection of what had happened. They then threw the board away in fear. A month later they went to explore the attic and even though they had thrown it away, the Ouija board was suddenly there again, sitting on a shelf; they ran from the attic. Years later before leaving for the Air Force, the user went back to the attic to try and destroy the Ouija board. However, the board had disappeared and was never seen again.

Whether you believe these tales or not is up to you. However, they are rather terrifying to read in the middle of the night, especially when alone. Even if the stories are fake and exaggerated, I am still scared stiff by Ouija boards and anything involving them. Ghosts, spirits, and demons are subjects you simply should not mess with, no matter how skeptical you may be. Please love yourself and stay away from Ouija boards.