15 Must-Dos For Your Summer Bucket List

Summer is just around the corner so it's time to get out that pencil and paper and write out that bucket list, to make that easier here are 15 things you don't wanna leave out.

Strawberry picking

Everyone loves fresh strawberries! Strawberry picking can be an excuse for a cheap date, cute instagram post, or to just go pick out delicious berries for eating.

Visit the humane society

What's better than animals? Nothing! On sunny days consider going down to the human society to give some cute pups and kittens attention.

Go camping for a weekend at the lake

Grab some of your best buds and head for a weekend camping at the lake, bust out those catchy songs by the campire while waiting on smores.

Attend the county fair

Rides, Funnel cake, Cotton Candy, Live stock, Live music, what more could you want? Be sure and hit up your county fair for a guarenteed great time this summer.

Go stargazing

Wanting a more chill night by yourself, friends or with a significant other? Go grab some blankets, head outside and go stargazing.

Drive to a sunflower field

Another great instagram worthy post or cute date idea

NIght Swimming

Swimming is great, but it's 10 times better at night. If you haven't spent a few of your summer days in a pool or at the river past dark, you're not truly living.

Attend a concert/music festival

Summer is the perfect time for concerts

Watch a parade

Go paddleboarding

Take up a new hobby, try something new

Hit the backroads and cruise around

You can't beat the nice summer nights listening to country music with your bestfriend cruising down all the dirt roads

Sign up for a race/color run

Excerise, Colors, running for a good cause,another instagram worthy post, you can't beat that!

Tie-dye clothes/blankets/shoes

Tie dye is basically summer wardrobe, nothing looks better than it during the summer days

Take a trip to the local zoo

Go on a Museum Trip

Take an educationaln trip, explore, museums are always a classic go to on summer days

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