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Ever Annoyed By a Fellow Hotel Guest? Here Are Some Tips To Avoid Being 'That Guy'

Some insight from a front desk employee.


There are so many times I am either checking into a hotel or working at the desk and there is a guest who is complaining about something incredibly minor. It is very frustrating when you have to listen to a fellow traveler complain about something stupid.

I have worked in the hotel industry for nearly three years now and I have some do's and don'ts to help you and the others around you have an enjoyable stay/day.

DON'T - book your reservation on a third party site (examples: Expedia, Trivago,, etc.)

If you want to get the best amenities the hotel has to offer, DO NOT book on a site that isn't the hotel's direct site. This raises the risk of getting to your hotel and the front desk not having a room available for you!

DO - sign up for hotel companies reward programs!

They are usually free and if you stick to a specific brand then you can rack up points pretty quickly to get free stuff or stays! Free Stuff = Happy Camper

DON'T - be afraid to ask the employees at the front desk about discounts, recommendations, or anything in general about the area or hotel!

The front desk agents who work at the hotel obviously live in the area so they are more familiar with the best places around! Also, if your budget is tight, don't be afraid to ask about discounts! Most hotels offer student, senior, or even company discounts: like AAA, AARP, etc.

However, DON'T be mad if they cannot discount the room for you. There are some hotels that are very strict on rates!

DO - be patient.

We are all humans. Hotel employees are there to work and make money, but to also make your stay as good as it can be. A hotel is just like any other business: it has its up's and down's, but everyone tries to do the best they can.

DON'T - be a jerk.

Hotel employees, front desk agents specifically, notice who the rude customers are, and they easily have the power to downgrade your room or raise the price. Be understanding, kind, and willing to take what they give you. It's not hard to be a decent person.

DO - follow policy!!!

Policy is set for specific reasons. Whether it be the employee's safety, the guest's safety, or even just a precautionary. And if you break something in the room, own up to it. Don't just ignore it. Which takes me to my next tip...

DO - let an employee know if something is wrong with your stay!

We don't know that something is wrong unless something is said. Also, if you notice something is broken in your room, call the front desk A.S.A.P. so they won't charge you!

Hopefully, these few tips will help your stay be as enjoyable as it can be! Remember, that the hotel is not your entire vacation. So if something goes wrong, don't let it ruin your trip! Enjoy the destination!

Keep traveling!

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