10 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room This Fall
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10 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room This Fall

If you don't decorate your dorm like this, you're doing it wrong.

10 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room This Fall

Recently, I have decided that I want to have the "full college experience" at my college, the University of West Georgia. No, I don't want to live on campus solely for the idea of partying every night and getting wasted in someone else's dorm room -- I want to be able to experience all of my freshman firsts, meet new people, not to mention I live twenty miles away from campus, which is a lot of gas wasted every day I have to leave for classes.

Because of these above reasons, I've been looking on Pinterest and Tumblr for ultimate dorm room goals. Upon my searching, I've found ten ways I want to decorate my dorm room for the fall. Although I'm not completely sure I'll be able to afford these extravagant accessories, it'd be nice to have a chic room to show off to everyone in the dorm!

1. Black and White

This room is probably one of my top favorites simply because of the relatable pillow and posters. I adore the color black due to my former emo phase, so the contrasting colors definitely stand out to the minimalistic part of me. Not to mention the bulletin board, which can hold pictures, events coming up, or homework assignments and their due dates.

2. Grey and Buddha

Let me be honest here, although I'm not exactly educated on the Buddhist religion, there are many things I agree with that pertain to it. The Christmas lights, flowers, and heather grey bedding is ABSOLUTELY ME. The only thing I disagree with is kale is absolutely disgusting. I'm sorry if I offended any vegans with that statement, it's just my opinion.

3. Marble Delight

MARBLE. Marble is my favorite thing in this entire world, so the marble bedding is what definitely made me fall in love with this dorm room inspiration. I'm also a big fan of the "Good Vibes" pillow, the pictures with lights, and the feathery pillow and rug. I believe that there is too much grey and not enough white, but the room is definitely beautiful.

4. Matching Color Schemes

Oh. My. Goodness. This is absolutely the most adorable idea I've ever seen on Pinterest. The mini fridge with their names on it calls to me (although I'm 99.9 percent sure mini fridges aren't allowed in West Georgia's rooms). I'll definitely be messaging my potential roommate this picture because nothing can go wrong with matching bedding and color schemes! You did great, Mary Catherine and Julia.

5. Boho Chic

I am completely in love with this room. The marble countertop, the flowers, the blanket on the wall, the ruffle bedding. The lights are an amazing touch (are you seeing a pattern here with lights? I need them). The only thing about this room I dislike is the color scheme!


Okay, I know the caps were a little much, but this might be the exact way I decorate my dorm. The lights, blanket, black and white and pictures completely blew me away. Not to mention how the bed and desk colors compliment these colors. This room is my favorite on the entire list if you couldn't tell by the name, but I'm very indecisive so I may end up changing my mind!

7. Dream Catcher

Ever since I was younger, I've sworn by dream catchers. I don't have a dream catcher anymore, but I would definitely benefit from one! I love the pictures on the wall, the chevron blanket, and the arrow decal on the wall. The only thing I would change is the lights -- I don't like how they're in a perfect rectangle!

8. Pink, Grey, and White

I have to admit, the touches of pink in this room absolutely warmed my heart. I fell in love with the fur blanket on the chair, the "Be Kind" decoration, and the marble pillow. I personally would've picked a lighter grey, but overall this room is beautiful.

9. Blues

Blue isn't one of my favorite colors, but the variations of blue in this room are calling to me. Not to mention the white and grey really compliments the pillows and blanket on the wall!

10. An Actual Dorm from UWG

According to Pinterest, this dorm room was actually from UWG! I love the color schemes and how they mixed matched it together, but I also love the pineapple and monogram on the walls. The lights also give an excellent touch, and seem really beneficial during night time!

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