Computers are a great invention in this world. They do so much for us as we have the world at our fingertips. Almost everything today can be done on a computer.

Especially in college. Professors assign homework to be done on computers. They assign quizzes to be done online, a lot of people study using their computer, and the list goes on. It would be absolutely tragic if someone's computer broke in college.

That's what happened to me. Not only did it happen to me, but it happened to me when I had 2 exams in the next 2 days. One of them being that next morning at 8 am. My worst nightmare was happening before my eyes, as I began to go into a deep panic.

It all started on a Wednesday night at around 8 pm, I was studying for my test the next morning and needed a way to procrastinate studying for my exam. I needed a break, and I thought that updating my computer would be a great way to do that. The update that's shown on my computer goes smoothly, after that everything goes sour.

My computer did a glitch thing, and the next thing I know my computer is letting me log on to my account on my home screen. Using my intuition, I tried restarting my computer so it could reset itself. Then I try to get onto the Guest Account on my computer and then everything went awful.

It made me restart my computer, and I was left with a black screen and a white logo on my computer. I decided to wait some time, and then 5 minutes pass nothing has changed. I begin to google and look up how to solve my problem, and nothing was working.

At around 9 pm at night, I called Tech Support and they tried helping me out. The person who was helping me was so sweet and kind. She tried, but I had to leave my computer on a screen and see if it decided to work. Me waiting was the worst anxiety attack in the world.

While waiting, I went to my room and just tried distracting myself. I needed my computer to work, and thankfully I got the much-needed distraction I needed. I was able to laugh and take my mind off the fact that MY COMPUTER WASN'T WORKING HOURS BEFORE MY TEST!

An hour or so passes, I'm about to pass out and get a good night's sleep before my exam and then my computer screen turns off. I freak out and texted tech support, they were able to get my computer to start. My computer began to work and there was hope in the world.

The time is now after midnight. I study for my 8 am exam off my phone, and I decided to be an idiot and update my computer again. That's when it goes down again.

It's nearing 1 am, I am freaking out having the biggest anxiety attack of my life because I can't do the two things that make me happy, write or watch embarrassing videos of myself. I text tech support again, and they don't help. Nothing is working, and I let my computer rest for the night with plans of going in person to get my computer fixed.

The next morning I wake up at 7 am, I had my exam at 8 am, I had class at 9:30 am, and I had something to do at 11 am. Then I have my appointment at 1:20 pm. I wake up and my computer begins to magically work, the update finishes just as I was about to leave for my exam and boom.

I tried getting onto the school's WIFI, and it's not working so I begin to think of options of how to fix it. I was at my exam at this point, took my hard exam (it was so hard), and went to class. Then my friend and I talk for like 20 minutes, and life is good.

My school has this tech-center on campus that can help with issues connecting the internet, so I went before my appointment. They get me onto the Wi-Fi and there is hope in the world. My computer is working fine, but I still have this fear that something will go terribly wrong again.

I had this appointment, but I had an exam the following day. My computer was working fine, I was just scared about the what if, and getting to the Tech-Support place would cost me money as I would have to Uber there and it would take time as it's a 20-minute drive off campus. Then waiting at the actual place would have taken up time, and my computer seemed to be working fine.

I had to think about this practically, I needed to study for this exam because I lost the previous night due to my computer breaking, and me studying for my other exam prior to that. I had to ask myself if it was worth all of the time and money it would take just to see if my computer was okay. Then I realized I could call Tech Support and have them help me run a diagnostic on my computer from where I was to see if I needed to go to the place.

I did that, and then we ran a diagnostic and my computer was fine. This lifted a huge weight off my shoulders because I was able to devote the rest of my day to studying, and getting other work done. I didn't have to waste time or money, and that is a huge sigh of relief.

Moral of the story: DON'T UPDATE YOUR COMPUTER THE NIGHT BEFORE AN EXAM! Apparently, it's common for computers especially the one like mine to have hiccups and act up while updating. It's the most aggravating and nerve-wracking thing in the world because your computer will freak out.

Not knowing what's wrong with your computer is scary enough. Add that it was late at night and that I had an exam early the next morning, those things only intensified my emotions. It gave me the biggest mental breakdown of my life, some people were helpful in easing my stress by getting my mind off of it, others just made me think about it more.

If you have an exam the next day, and you want to procrastinate studying or take a break from studying for a while, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR COMPUTER! Instead, watch Netflix, YouTube, go to sleep, do whatever. If you update your computer and god forbid something goes wrong, you might not be able to use your computer, you might not be able to get it fixed until after your exam, and that's not good.

Learn from my mistakes and good luck on your exams!