Mitt Romney has never been exactly a "credible" politician. Besides fighting for tax breaks that he, his wealthy friends, and his corporations would benefit from, he changes his views at the drop of a hat on literally everything.

He once claimed that he was better on LGBT issues than Ted Kennedy (longtime senator and youngest brother of John F. Kennedy), and yet he seems opposed to every piece of LGBT legislation he's ever been asked about. He did not support marriage, employment, and military equality actions for the LGBT community, and yet he is better for them than a poster child for social liberalism? He campaigned heavily on ending ObamaCare in 2012, even though he passed an almost identical plan for Massachusetts as governor. Clearly, the man is a skilled politician, unencumbered by actually held beliefs so that he is the perfect puppet for whoever will help elect him.

For years, the American public has let this slide, but his flip-flops on Trump cannot be taken lightly.

A once vocal critic of Trump during the 2016 campaign, Romney groveled and sucked up to Trump once Trump flirted with the idea of a cabinet position for Mitt. Does anyone else remember that infamous photo of Trump and Romney eating dinner, where Romney looks like he just ate the fly that was in his soup? That was the photo that marked the death of Romney; a photo that proved he was so desperate for power that he would give up any last morals and conservative beliefs he held if it meant a taste of power in the Trump administration.

Of course, it turned out that Trump was just toying with Romney and he chose someone else for all the positions Mitt might have been a candidate for. Scorned, the now Senator-Romney has just unleashed an essay to the Washington Post that is meant as a dire take-down of Trump's moral character. This essay has been laughed at by some, including those that agree with me that Romney can never be trusted to have an opinion for longer than one news cycle. However, inevitably, critics of Trump will latch onto Romney as a conservative counter to Trump's antics.

Don't get too comfortable.

Mitt is just now back in power. He knows that he needs to gain independent and Democrat support for the legislation, especially since Democrats will be taking control of the House. Romney is simply, as always, trying to position himself in a way that will give him the best advantage. In the age of Trump, this cannot happen. We can't hold on and hope that someone is actually against the President. We need people that will actually oppose his dangerous ideologies and political blunders, not fakes and phonies that are swayed by whichever way the political wind blows.

Trust me- as soon as Trump shows an opening to Romney, Romney will act like everything he wrote and believed in that Washington Post article no longer reflects the "new Romney." Americans were smart enough not to trust Mitt in 2012; We just need to make sure we don't let our guard down again.