Having divorced parents are any age is tough, and sorry to tell you, but it never gets easier. There are so many reasons why parents split and so many different outcomes. Not only does it affect the two getting a divorce, but it affects the kids so much more than one could imagine. I come from a divorced family and things aren't a cake walk. You take sides, you listen to your parent's different sides and ultimately, never understanding why it happened. You could think of all the reasons, maybe your fault, maybe how you acted, maybe how this could've stemmed even before you knew things were about to go down.

No matter the case, there are some things you should never say to a child of divorced parents. Ever.

"Are you okay?"

The question of all questions. Do I look okay to you? Is something suppose to look wrong? I'm fine, besides I have a whole new family life, but thanks for asking.

"How are your siblings taking all of this?"

Well, this could go both ways, considering if your siblings are younger or older. But if your siblings are younger, it's always tougher. They have no idea what is wrong and why mom and dad don't like in the same house. But everyone takes it differently and that's just the part that stinks.

"At least you'll have two holidays to go to!" 

Y'all act like this a good thing. You're totally...wrong. I dread having to chose which house to go over first or how much time I have to spend there, how much to eat at one house so I'm not full for the next, who I'm going to see at these places, the things you have to witness, etc. It just doesn't sound like the best ride at Disneyland.

"How's your mom/dad doing?"

They are doing fine, just separated obviously. They were unhappily married, saw things differently, (so many other reasons) so now I have to deal with the aftermath. Or you answer the question as my mom/dad is blah blah, blah, or "I don't know how my mom/dad is doing, I don't talk to them. Which stems from the question of, "why?" A unwanted cycle of questions.

"Who do you live with?"

One, that's none of your business. But you can't get out of the question being asked. "I live with my dad because things are complicated, I live with my mom because of certain things that happened." It's never easy, just like a divorce isn't.