Don't Let This Become Our New Normal
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Politics and Activism

Don't Let This Become Our New Normal

We can't become numb to the issues that matter most.

Don't Let This Become Our New Normal
Donald Trump

After only a few weeks in office, Donald Trump has managed to endlessly infuriate me (if you've read any of my articles, you've probably noticed...). Truthfully, I could rant about Trump for hours. All our dinner conversations go to him and the newest thing he's done to make the American people mad (most of them, anyway). I've never been so deeply involved in politics and political opinions.

But the Trump presidency is exhausting, isn't it? Its only been a handful of days in the scheme of his four year term, and already I'm tired. He tried to ban travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations (he fired a judge who disagreed with him on that, by the way). He appointed someone terribly unqualified to be Secretary of Education, and she still got voted in by the Senate, because apparently loyalty to one's party is more important than loyalty to the American people. He cut funding to organizations who even bring up the topic of abortion. He tried to silence the Environmental Protection Agency on social media, even though he doesn't know how to get off Twitter and/or fact check anything he tweets about.

Everything he does makes me tired. What's worse is that I meet people who believe in his policies - people who think terrorists are Muslims, that abortion is murder (and if it means cutting access to healthcare for women, too bad), that global warming is a farce and that maybe pipelines going through sacred land isn't really that big of a deal (how many can those "Indians" ask for, anyway?).

I want to crawl into my bed some days, go to sleep, and just wake up for the next election. Assess the damage then.

But the most important thing about the next four years is that we don't let this insanity become our new normal. When a woman like Betsy DeVos becoming Secretary of Education just makes us shrug and say, "well, that's how things are" - that's the day I'm really terrified of. We can't let this become the norm. We can't sit aside and let Trump or anyone else alter our reality so fully that we can't remember what things were like before.

It's exhausting, but we have to keep going. Marching. Protesting. Calling our congressmen and women until someone hears our voices. The day we let an issue slide is the day we've truly lost as a country.

I'm still hoping people will open their eyes to the insanity of the new president. I'm still praying we'll figure it out before it's too late. I'm crossing my fingers that in a few years I won't look back at this article and have to think to myself: "Damn it, we let it happen after all. We let it become normal."

I know you're tired, because I'm tired. But please keep going. Fight for what you believe in at every corner, every turn. Never let this be "just the way it is." I'm not one to have it out with someone over politics, but I'm not going to just be quiet about it, either. Ignorance is not going to win my nation, not if I have anything to say about it. I'm going to tell people truth and facts until they have to face it. Maybe it'll help. Maybe it won't. But at least blatant racism and hate won't become my new normal.

I hope it won't become yours, either.

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