"What time is it? Summertime! It's our vacation. What time is it? Party time! That's right Say it loud!"

School's out, warm weather, sun shining, pools are open, beaches are ready for the crowds and ice cream shops are busier than ever. The excitement of summer hits every person, no matter how old you are. I don't know a single person who at one point who didn't have a countdown to the last day of school or the first day of summer. But what happens when that excitement wears off? When you have a day with nothing planned and you find yourself sitting at home, dare I say it, bored out of your mind!

The past few summers I've found myself in that spot far more times that I care to admit. So this summer I made the decision that this would not be the summer of boredom. And in case you too have sat there with nothing to do, with the same predicament, I thought I'd share with you a few things I plan on doing to make summer boredom a thing of the past.

Take a Day Trip


I was never a fan of taking day trips until I got to college and realized the only way I'd be able to see my friends was to take a day trip! Meet them where they are or halfway in the middle, no matter how you do it, it can be a great way to change up your everyday scenery and to have a great time! Go out to lunch, to the beach, shopping or explore a new town! No matter who you go with, friends, family or even just yourself, it can be a great way to escape the clutches of boredom!

Read a Book


If you're like me, you have a pile of books sitting in the corner of your room, or stacked on your bookcase that you bought and have never read. Yet you keep buying more books... So why not make it a goal this summer to check a bunch of them off your "To Read" list! Or grab one from the library that you've been wanting to read but haven't had the time.



Especially during the school year, or the work week, things can get super busy super fast. So it never hurts to take a day or two to do do literally nothing. Let your body regroup itself and your mind catch up from the busy days behind you. BUT too many days of nothing can lead to boredom! So be sure to get a few fun plans coming up for the days following :)

Go to the Beach


When I think of summer, I think of going to the beach. Family trips to the beach have been something we have done for the past 20 years. We've made countless memories, gone on innumerable adventures and ate more ice cream than I care to admit. The beach, if you're near one, is a perfect excuse to take a day trip or even a long weekend! It's a great opportunity to disconnect, turn off the TV, silence the phone and have fun! Just don't get a sunburn :)

Take a Walk

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This is a great way to avoid boredom, but also to clear your head if you only have a short window of time. If its not 1,000 degrees, the summer is a great time to go on a walk and to be outside! Soak up some vitamin D and get a little exercise. Pop in some headphones, ask a friend or family member to go with you, take the dog or go just yourself, either way its a great way to regroup, clear your head and tackle the rest of the day.

Go Out to Lunch


Day trip / activity option #2! Its a great, quick and relatively inexpensive way to catch up with friends and family, and to get out of the house or work for a bit. And who doesn't like to eat! Maybe even go get ice cream after :)



How could you not have fun mini golfing?!? Personally, I've never won a game, but I always have a great time even though 99% of the time I'm last. If it was any other sport where the highest score wins, I'd be the champion. Oh well...

But its a great way to get outside, meet up with friends and or family for a bit of friendly competition and have a great time!

Go See a Movie


During the summer it seems like every week there's a new movie that comes out. So how better to spend a gross rainy day, than at the movies! Get that big popcorn, over priced gigantic soda and your favorite candy and off you go!

Do a Puzzle


Every year when we are at the Cape we get a puzzle. And by the end of the week it HAS to be finished-its our "Cape puzzle." By no means do you have to finish it in a weeks time, or get one that takes that long to finish. But its a great alternative to sitting in front of the TV when you have nothing else to do and a great way to destress even if you just have a minute to put in one piece!



This is a great way to fill unused time during the summer! There are so many volunteer opportunities for the summer. Not only are you not sitting on the couch at home, but you're helping others and making a difference in the life of another. And you leave feeling pretty good about what you did!

Remember... small things with great love!! (Sorry, you know i can't have an article post without it somewhere in there)

Visit a Friend


The last week or so of school is filled with so many goodbyes, but also so many "we definitely have to get together this summer." And how many times have we actually followed through with those conversations? So make this summer one of reconnecting and visiting! Make good on those "HAG" summer yearbook signatures.

Go Outside


BE OUTSIDE!!! Even just for a few minutes! Not only is it good for you (until you get burnt) but before you know it, it's going to be winter and we'll be stuck inside again. Enjoy the sunshine! Go for a walk, take a jog or a bike ride, hike, go to the beach or just sit outside for a few minutes.

Spend Time with Family


For us, summer is the best time to get together. Even though its a new type of busy compared to the school year busy, there are more opportunities to get together. And so many different things to do! Visit a friend or relative you haven't seen in a while. Go to dinner with friends from home or visit friends from school. Plan a cookout or outing, literally anything no matter how big or small, to get everyone together!

Take a Summer Class


I know, I know unpopular opinion! You're probably like, "Why add more school when I just got out?!?" Or if you're like my sister, learning is only for school not during the summer. BUT, the summer can be a great time to get ahead or to take a class that you want to, but haven't been able to fit it into your schedule. And now, so many are online, you can stay home and continue working or go on vacation and not have to worry about missing class or driving to school.

Just an option :)

Blast Music


Blast it! Have a dance party...by yourself, with your siblings, friends, cousins...whoever! Idk who needs an excuse to have a dance party but this is certainly one.

Build a Fire


Within the past few years we built a fire pit in the backyard. And I can 100% say it is the best change we have made to our house in many many years! So many random nights, even ones during the week, we've decided to make a fire and sit outside at night. Roast some marshmallows, jazz 'em up in a s'more, mix a drink, project a movie, invite some friends over...however you want to do it I 10/10 recommend this one to chase away the boredom.

Try Out a New Recipe


I know summer is hot enough as it is, so probably the last thing you want to do is to put the oven on. But as someone who gets grand ideas in her head from Pinterest, but never has the time to test them out, the summer is a great time to test recipes out before you actually have to make something. Because speaking from experience DO NOT wait until the day before you have to bring dessert, to make something for the first time.

Try out a new cookie or cake recipe, mix a new drink, experiment with a different dip, change up that pasta salad!. Search those Pinterest boards for the next summer anti-boredom recipe experiment! And hey, if its a flop, at least you're not in charge of bringing it to the cookout in a few hours!

Have a Cook Out


COOK OUT...say it with me...COOK OUT. Summer time = cookouts. You don't say winter and think of a cook out. No! Because that would be silly. You can't go outside and grill in the freezing cold. SO take advantage of the longer days, the lighter nights, the warmer weather and get the crew together for a fun lunch or dinner (or both)! Grab some fun outdoor games, put on music, grab the sparklers, light the grill and go to town! Maybe whip out that success of a new recipe you just tried out a week or two ago ;)

Amusement Park


Another great day trip option! Many amusement parks have ride options for every type of person-the adrenaline junky that loves spinning around 6 times in a row, feet dangling at 100 mph to the carousel speed friend. Some even have a water park! Relatively inexpensive, its a great way to have a great time and to get your heart pumping extra time!

Watch Fireworks


Other than the beach, nothing screams summer more than fireworks!!! Especially around the 4th of July, there are tons of options for nights spent watching fireworks during the summer. Or if the weekend you're free and need something exciting to do but there's no show, get some from the store yourself! Have some friends and family over for a cook out or make a fire and roast marshmallows and show off your display.

Either way, please be safe :)