Why I Don't Have New Year Resolutions 1/8

Why I Don't Have New Year Resolutions 1/8

I don't even plan going to the gym until probably the end of the year, honestly.


It's the new year and I'm sure most of us have already started working on our New Year's Resolution—or maybe you just don't have any. But if you are one of those people that woke up early on January 1st to go to the gym, then congratulations, buddy!

I hope the diet goes well, I say, as I eat another slice of pepperoni pizza.

However, if you started the year and don't have any clue of what you want to accomplish this 2018, then just know you're not alone. I, personally, don't have one. I'm not good at setting goals for myself. It's hard for me to get around them since I push myself most of the time.

So, as of January 8th, my resolution list is still empty. However, I don't think it is that big of a deal. For years I've kidded myself saying I would go to the gym. And how many times did I go to the gym in 2017? Two times.

I even said I was going to go on a diet. Did it happen? No. Storytime: one time, I started a diet with my mom. I only lasted 3 hours... Yeah, let that sink in.

Also, another resolution people like is to not let anybody come in their lives and ruin it. Haha, well I'm a sucker for those. I let people run me over with monster trucks.

For some reason, people want to be nicer at the beginning of every year? Like, how can people be nice? I don't get it. The other day, I was trying to apologize to my friend's boyfriend over some dumb thing I did. At the end of the conversation, I told him I was getting sick of being nice. I'm just not a nice person at all.

Also, people have traveling as one of their resolutions... How? I can't even afford the bus that takes me back home from campus sometimes.

I still get surprised as to how some people actually accomplish the goals they established at the beginning of the year. I've never been able to accomplish them myself. I'm the person memes talk about. You know, those sad memes? They're about me.

But then, I guess resolutions just weren't meant for me. But if you have been doing pretty well on your resolutions for 2018, I hope you achieve all of them. As for me? New year, new disappointments.

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