Don't Get Me Started On Pockets
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Don't Get Me Started On Pockets

If technology can evolve, so can my pocket size.

Don't Get Me Started On Pockets

It was a nice day when I was shopping for pants, and I was feeling excited about the new clothes I was getting until I slipped into something that was an abomination.

These pants didn’t have pockets. A travesty within itself; the worst part was that there were pockets sewn into the pants, but the designer just didn’t cut through the seams to make the pocket. I don’t know what kind of monster does this, but obviously this monster has never met someone of the female species before.

This is the struggle that every woman has to face when shopping for anything. Even when we are fortunate enough to have pockets, they usually don’t even fit the entire hand in, it’s lucky if it makes it past the knuckle. It’s almost as if pants designers think that women don’t carry things around. What? I carry a phone, wallet, Chapstick, and other things around? How is this possible?! It’s almost as if I’m a human being who needs certain things throughout the day.

Because of this foolish nonsense of women not having pockets, we have to haul around these heavy purses that rub your shoulder raw and we have to keep up with it for the whole day. Plus, people just assume I can carry whatever because “I have room.” I did not ask to not have pockets, sir, watch yourself. Sure, we can fit more things in there, but purses are the reason why women are more likely to get mugged in the street because it’s easy to take something away with a handle, while it gets awkward to reach your hand deep into someone’s pants pocket for their wallet without them noticing. Also, a nice purse will cost you a lot of money, money that should be spent buying pants with actual pockets in them. Yes, it’s sometimes nice to carry a purse around, but I would like to have the option not to. I get that back in the day, all women wore were dresses, so they needed purses, but guess what? If you are really special and it is just your day, god will descend from the heavens above and bless you with a dress that has pockets. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. The purse industry has basically ruined the female pocket industry and it’s just not right.

In the past 20 years, something has been invented that everyone carries around with them at all times. It’s common knowledge that everyone has their cell phone on them, so why don’t I have pockets that actually fit my cell phone? Instead, I have to leave it in the back pocket with half of it showing to the point where it could be easily taken out. If technology can evolve, so can my pocket size.

Don’t even get me started on the social inequality that is afoot when comparing girl pockets to guy pockets. I borrowed my brother’s sweatpants for an exam day, and here’s what I could fit in there: 2 calculators, 3 pens, 6 pencils, a pencil sharpener, a water bottle, chapstick, and a phone. You know what I can fit into my front pocket of my jeans? Chapstick. I don’t remember small pockets being on the list of things Eve had to suffer for eating that apple, but I did not sign up for this. Also, this just creates an unnecessary dependency because girls have to ask time and time again if they can put their phone in their guy friend's pocket and that is the kind of control I do not want to willingly give over. Guys even have random inside pockets in their jackets, how is that even fair? Is it really that hard to just sew in roomier pockets into girls pants?

I will never believe we are truly equal until we all have equal sized pockets.

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