Don't Forget To Think About The Now

Don't Forget To Think About The Now

We tend to get so caught up with the future that we forget about the now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future lately. About how the second you are born, it’s all about the future. Always setting up your present in order to prepare for your future.

We focus so much on how our life is going to be in a day, a week, a month or even years...but what about today? We make ten year plans and expect everything to smoothly. It’s good to have a plan, but know that you don't need to stick with it.

Life is all about change and you need to be able to adapt and roll with what comes along. People get caught up on plans and agendas, but that takes away from the spontaneity that life can bring.

We make plans based on what we think our future should look like and what we think is expected of us. This leads to comparison and comparison is a straight path to unhappiness.

Make sure that you don’t compare your life to another’s. Everyone’s purpose in life is different and values differ. What one values can be a complete 180 from what another values and this is important to keep in mind.

You may see someone working in a big city, wearing couture and meeting celebrities, but that may not be what you want. If it is, strive for that, but still do not compare your life to theirs. If you want to live in forest, wearing flannels and meeting bears, do it. If that is what makes you happy, you are just as successful.

Do what makes you happy because that is how success is measured. Focus on each day as it comes and make sure you are happy in that moment because that’s how you will end up being happy in the future.

Live in the now. People overlook that phrase, but it truly is the most important aspect of life. The only thing you have complete control over is the present and what you are currently doing.

If you are unsatisfied with your life, change it. You have the power to take action at the very moment you decide you want change. You can't fully love the life you live right now if all you think about is how your life will be in the future.

Remember to take advantage of each day, focus on your own values and build a life that you will find happiness in. Never try and compare your success to another’s because happiness is an incomparable trait – that is what makes it so powerful.

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33 Basic Summer Bucket List Ideas For College Girls That Don't SUCK

27. Stay up all night and watch the sun come up

The weather is finally getting warmer and summer is just two short months away.

The other day I got my first whiff of food being cooked on the way home and it made me think of all the stuff I want to do this summer and what I want to accomplish in the upcoming months. It also made me think about how I make the same promises to myself every year and don't accomplish half of the things I want. So, this year, I decided to make a summer bucket list. I've heard of people doing this and I always thought it was kind of stupid, but I figure writing it down would motivate me more than just thinking, "That would be a nice thing to do."

So here are some things on my summer bucket list and hopefully they inspire you to go out and have the best summer of your life.

1. Find and do a summer exercise challenge

2. Go on a road trip

3. Visit a water park

4. Make fresh-squeezed lemonade

5. Have a water fight

6. Attend at least one outdoor concert

7. Research and apply to internships

8. Start journaling

9. Sign up for a class

10. Spend an afternoon on a boat

11. Read a new book every month of the summer

12. Eat fried dough

13. Attend a fair

14. Spend the day at a beach

15. Roast a marshmallow and make s’mores

16. Host an awesome summer party

17. Go to a drive-in movie

18. Cook something you never cooked before

19. Have an epic movie marathon with friends

20. Go river tubing

21. Reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while

22. Eat lunch on a dock

23. Order a new flavor of ice cream

24. Go bowling

25. Take pictures in a photo booth

26. Go shopping on a boardwalk

27. Stay up all night and watch the sun come up

28. Eat pizza by a pool

29. Do a Pinterest craft

30. Ride a four wheeler

31. Big an epic blanket fort

32. Go to an aquarium

33. Lay in the back of a pickup truck

Cover Image Credit: footsloggers_outdoors//Instagram

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The All-American Summer Bucket List After Spending A Semester Abroad

Activities and goals for myself over the next few months.

After being abroad for over three months, I am more than thrilled to be coming back to the United States. Summer is now just beginning for most college students and I cannot wait to complete some of the following activities on my bucket list this year.

1. Try the new In-N-Out burger

From the moment of its announcement, I have been patiently waiting to get my hands on the new In-N-Out California burger. Though I'll only be in my home state of CA for less than a week, I plan on taking advantage of it by giving this beauty a try.

2. Kick ass at my internship

This summer I will be interning for ConceptDrop in Chicago, and I am beyond thrilled! I'm looking forward to working with such great people and gaining the tools needed to succeed in this field of business.

3. Go to the Nutella Cafe

Since I will be in Chicago for the summer, what better way to get acclimated than by going to the infamous Nutella Cafe? Although I have been to this city previously, I still have yet to make my way over to the Nutella Cafe. Look out Nutella crepes, I'm coming for you.

4. Go out to the bars

This past semester I turned 21 years old. Unfortunately, because I was in the UK it basically meant nothing. Now that I'll be returning to the US I'm excited to finally go to a bar and order a drink.

5. Go to the Millennium Park Summer Music Series

I was briefly in Chicago last summer and going to see a concert in Millennium Park was one of my favorite activities. You can bring your own picnic and a bottle of wine and relax as you're entertained by talented musicians. How can you say no to that?

6. Go to the beach

I would ideally like to go to the beach in both states this summer. I haven't been home for such a long time and going to one of those well-known San Diego beaches makes me more than content. I can't wait to go on my walks searching for shells! Of course, I'd also be willing to check out the "beach" in Chicago as well.

7. See Bruno Mars

I noticed that he will be performing at Lolla this summer. I don't know how, but I'm going to make this happen. I am a huge fan of his music, and if I'm already in the area, why not take advantage of it?

8. Finish my study abroad video

Like many others, over the course my time abroad I took several videos. My goal is to use iMovie and create a small montage of them. I'm really unsure how long this is going to take me, as I will be super busy this summer, but I'm hoping to finish it up by August before going back to school.

9. Be more spontaneous

I tend to stick to the things I know well. This includes people, foods, activities, etc. My goal this summer is to step more out of my comfort zone and try and do things that are more unplanned. I tend to get stressed if things don't go as expected, so I'm going to attempt to do things with no expectations and hope they work out for the best.

10. Start singing again

Singing is something I've always loved doing but haven't done in a while. I was so busy and tied up with other things going on in my life that I didn't really take a lot of time to pursue things that I really enjoyed.

I'm looking forward to this summer, and I'm open to whatever happens. For now, I'm trying to savor my last days overseas and get pumped for these next coming months.

Cover Image Credit: Eliese Haerle

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