Ladies, Don't Feel Pressured To Rush A Sorority

When I walk on campus, I see so many girls on campus wearing their sorority jerseys. Groups of girls swarm campus sporting their letters, representing their respective sororities. I myself represent my organization in my red and green jersey, proud to wear my letters across my chest.

But when I talk to my freshmen residents, they talk about the pressure they feel to rush a sorority. Rushing to them seems like one of the only options to find where they belong on campus and to find their friend group. And I can't help but think about my freshman year and the pressures I felt to rush.

Last year it seemed like everyone around me was planning on rushing a sorority, putting together their applications with their headshots, resumes, and letters of recommendation. I didn't even know about the process of rushing and the many days that it entails until everyone around me started worrying about what they would wear, what they would say, and how to make a good impression on the sorority they wanted.

I almost felt pressured to rush. I attended a Panhellenic Preview, a day where girls can go to visit each sorority and meet some of the Greek women in each chapter room. There were some that really intrigued me and some that put me off. The idea of rushing seemed perfect at the moment because I was there and I could see myself rushing.

But it was also like you are on a college campus tour. You see yourself walking to class with your coffee in hand, eating in the dining hall, and studying in the library. It seems like the perfect match until you realize that it's not "the one."

Ladies, don't fall for the wrong one.

At that moment, I was ready to ask strangers for recommendation letters because I knew no one who was in a sorority. I wanted that picture perfect life I saw on sorority Instagram pages. I wanted to find my best friends for life and be a part of something greater than myself.

But with the price of dues and the pressure to find the perfect fit, I decided against it. And I don't have any regrets.

I don't have anything against sororities. I believe that they are amazing organizations where women can find their home on campus, participate in volunteering and philanthropy, and have amazing socials and events that they will remember long after their time in college. I just didn't feel it was right for me.

I ended up rushing. But it was with my sorority Kappa Chi Alpha. It was the perfect group for me to join, as I felt right at home with a group that was real with who they were. They didn't put a farce about what they represented and what their goals were. Their focus on living out their lives led by God and encouraging each other through the tough times. I found friends that would be there through the best years of my life.

Freshmen shouldn't be pressured to rush. There are so many opportunities to join different organizations on campus and find your home. Whether it's faith-based, part of your culture, or a club in your major. There is a home for everyone on campus, you just have to find "the one" home for you.

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