The Assignment

I was asked to make a video explaining what success means to me.


I guess I never really thought about what it means to ~me.

I just let the definition define it for me. I let society tell me what it meant rather than decide for myself what it means. So I was pretty thankful for this assignment, actually. It reminded me to question what we know and to perceive the world in our own unique ways.

Ah, Society

So I had to take a seat and really sit with myself and think about it. And I realized that society likes to tell us that success is a numbers game. It's about how much money you make, isn't it? How many followers you have, right? How many championships you've won? It's GOT to be. It's how fast you climbed up the ranks in your company. No doubt! But think about it. When you've felt successful, what happened? The key word in that sentence is "felt". You FELT the success ring through your body, squeeze at your heart, and burst earthwards with a happy smile that reaches the corners and inners and uppers and all parts of your eyes because SUCCESS, BABY!! You really FEEL it! And that is the key, my friends.

That is the key.

Feel it real good

Sometimes, I think that society also tells us to stop feeling things so much. Stop crying, you're overreacting. Stop complaining, you're so blessed. Stop laughing, it's not even that funny. But if we do that, we're just robots. Shells of the vibrant humans we could be - we should be. And if success is really more of a feeling (in my opinion, anyway, correct me if I'm wrong!), then society is setting us up for a bit of a flop. We need our most vibrant emotions to truly feel the successes we each experience. And we do, every day. Because success doesn't have to be about making money or winning things. It can be simply cleaning your room and looking around with that sense of accomplishment settling over you. It can be keeping your plants alive. It can be finally travelling to a few places you've always wanted to go. It can be about anything.

As long as you feel it.