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Don't Be 'That Girl' on Game day

What not to wear on game day... you'll thank me later!

Three girls on gamely at University of Alabama
Julia Smith

Fall semester is approaching, and who is excited about GAME DAY!!! For the state of Alabama and especially the Tuscaloosa area, football season is the biggest get-together filled with tailgates on the quad, "Dixieland Delight" in the air, and proud fans of the Crimson Tide currently coming off a championship high with currently 17 championship wins in the SEC.

I can smell the barbecue and think of all the fans with much pride for their team, but I can't forget the reality of game day, the heat, and the uncomfortable clothing choices. For those who are unaware of how game day goes down at Bama, there is tons of walking and it's probably the hottest time of the year. When you're planning out your game day outfit, keep these tips in mind.

Coming from a northerner, I did not quite know the hype and thought that goes into game day! There are so many rules fo football game attire. Just a quick disclosure, these tips are just coming from personal experience and at no means do you need to agree with my option or fashion choices. Keep doing you, but this is just what I experienced!

1. Watch your step... and your shoe choice!


For those that don't know, Alabama games attire include cute summer dresses and rompers. At times you will see outfits that you may want to dress up with a cute pair of shoes. For me, I love wearing heels and cute platforms, but on many occasions, I wore shoes that were too cute and killed my feet at the end of the day. Think about it, you start off the day walking to your tailgate because gamely all roads are closed and the only way to get around is either by foot or an unreliable joy ride on a golf cart. recorded by my Apple Watch on game day, the average amount of walking is about four miles and minimal sitting.

2. Don't kill your feet and choose these recommend shoes!

Click Image To Shop!Steve Madden

Click Image To ShopSteve Madden

Click Image To ShopSteve Madden

Click Image To ShopSteve Madden

Your feet will thank you later and you will find that walking across campus and standing in the stands will be more enjoyable!

3. Denim Dos and Dont's!

Denim can't be comfortable and convenient, but please take into consideration the humidity! During the first month of games, I would advise jean skirts rather than shorts or long jeans. you will sweat and be irritable. Also if you have those pants that are super cute but your constantly pulling them up, I advise not to wear them you will be irritated and find that the game will be harder to enjoy!

4. Confident and Comfy!


I understand that rompers are in style and two pieces are very flattering, but consider the occasion. There will be cheering, and celebratory events. Make sure your outfit is minimal adjustment such as strapless tops or bottoms that are little too short. If you are self-conscious or constantly playing with it, Just don't wear it! If you're afraid of having a Marilyn Monroe Moment, that's probably not the best outfit choice!

5. Pick a team!

I know you may have some cute graduation party outfits or summer outfits that looked great on summer vacation, but if they are not Alabama colors, such as crimson or white, who are you even rooting for?


I would advise staying away from yellow, orange, or blue for those are big rival colors and stick with white, crimson or red, or black!

Here are some suggested outfits!

Click Image To ShopUrban Outfitters

Click Image To ShopUrban Outfitters

Click Image To Shop Urban Outfitters

Happy Game Day shopping and Roll Tide!

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