Fun Activities To Do This Summer!
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Fun Activities To Do This Summer!

If you get bored in the summer try doing some of these fun activities!

Fun Activities To Do This Summer!

Once school is out and there is no more homework they are just hanging around at home or with their friends trying to find things to do. Try doing some of these fun activities by yourself or with your friends this summer!

Take a hike 

This is always a fun and most of the time cheap activity to do this summer. This also gets your body moving and gets you in shape!

Take a road trip

This doesn't have to be far but take a drive somewhere you haven't gone yet or a place that everyone loves but doesn't go often!

Make/buy a slip and slide

This is always a fun option for the summer. If you don't want to go buy a slip and slide make one yourselves! This is great for a hot summer day!

Have a movie night in your backyard

This is always a fun option. Get a sheet and project a movie up in your backyard! Pop popcorn and have all the classic movie snacks!

Have a read-a-thon

This is great not only because it takes more time than some other activities but it is also awesome for those massive readers! It helps you get through more books, and you can even make it a competition on who can get through the most books!

Pack a picnic and visit a park

This is always a fun activity. Go to a park or a woodsy area, pack some snacks and enjoy the fresh air!

Go to a farmer's market

This is a great way to make memories, spend time outside, and get some fresh food!

Have a bonfire

Having a bonfire is essential in the summer. Get marshmallows and make s'mores with all your friends!

Play Kickball

This is a fun activity if you and your friends are a little more athletic. You can even put baby pools as your bases for a summer kickball addition!

Go watch the sun rise and set 

This does require you to get up pretty early but it is definitely worth it. Sunrises and sunsets are so pretty and are worth driving to go see. You can even go get breakfast or ice cream afterwards!

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