If You're A Woman Not Repulsed By Trump, Check Your Pulse, Because You Might Be Dead

If You're A Woman Not Repulsed By Trump, Check Your Pulse, Because You Might Be Dead

How could any person, especially a female, support Trump after all he's said and done?

A plethora of sexist words and insulting remarks have come from Donald Trump in time he's been President of the United States.

His actions have affected women on a personal and physical level. Simply keeping up with all that he's said done has been such a soul-crushing task. The way Trump views women only adds fuel to the sexist, patriarchal wildfire that rages in our country. Instead of implementing positivity and equality, he's granting men the rite of passage to behave as he has, on numerous occasions.

Any female (or human) who isn't upset with our Trump's time in office is either aloof or brain dead. If this is you, here are 10 separate examples of his sexist behavior that you may have missed.

1. He signed an executive order to undo President Obama's Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order.

Doing this eliminated the requirement for federal contractors to inform employees with different information about their pay, such as hours, overtime earnings, and pay deductions. This was one of the few ways our government evaluated and recorded whether or not men and women were receiving equal pay. Wage transparency aside, this order also put an end to forced arbitration clauses for sexual harassment.

This means sexual harassment claims are forced to be handled privately instead of in a public court.

2. He tweeted that sexual assault in the military is to be expected.

3. He signed an anti-abortion policy.

This order, known as the Mexico City Policy or the Global Gag Rule by critics, prohibits foreign aid from offering ANY services related to abortion. This completely cuts funding to health care providers. Even if funds are raised independently, aid cannot be offered.

4. He suggested women who have abortions should be punished.

During a town hall meeting in 2016, Trump had a long discussion with Chris Matthews about abortion. This came directly from the transcript.

Matthews: "Do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no as a principle?"

Trump: "The answer is that there has to be some form of punishment."

Matthews: "For the woman."

Trump: "Yeah, there has to be some form."

5. He WROTE that women are manipulative.

In "Trump: The Art of the Comeback," Trump wrote: “Women have one of the great acts of all time. The smart ones act very feminine and needy, but inside they are real killers. The person who came up with the expression 'the weaker sex' was either very naive or had to be kidding. I have seen women manipulate men with just a twitch of their eye — or perhaps another body part."

6. He signed a bill that overturns protection for Title X grantees.

This bill allows the U.S. to block funding for abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood. State and local governments can also refuse funding for family planning services related to contraceptives, STI's, fertility, cervical and breast cancer screenings, and pregnancy care. Clinics are now blocked from receiving any Title X money or Medicaid reimbursements for such services.

7. He called women "pieces of ass."

"You know, it doesn't really matter what [the media] write as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of ass," Trump said in an interview with Esquire in 1991.

8. He proposed cuts that would greatly affect the Violence Against Women Act.

The VAGA was put in order to help survivors of domestic and sexual violence, supporting efforts to reduce sexual assault. Although it says "women" in it, the bill is gender-neutral. It also includes funding for rape crisis centers and hotlines, legal aid, and services for victims with disabilities. This is just one of the 17 federal programs Trump wants to get rid of. The Hill reported that Trump might eliminate the Office on Violence Against Women completely. *SIGH*

9. He clearly said Carly Fiorina could not be President because of her face.

Trump said this to Rolling Stone about his Republican primary campaign opponent: “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? I mean, she's a woman, and I'm not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?"

10. He implied women's professional success came from their looks.

"It's certainly not groundbreaking news that the early victories by the women on The Apprentice were, to a very large extent, dependent on their sex appeal," Trump wrote in "How To Get Rich."

I don't know about you, but I am not proud to call this commander-in-chauvinism my president.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Stop Saying 'Love Is Love' And Then Shame Me For Dating A Republican

"How can you date a Republican?!" Quite easily, actually.


"And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love." Other theater geeks like me probably also remember this quote from Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony acceptance speech in 2016. Now, thanks to Lin-Manuel and his talent for catchy phrases, every time someone says "love is love," all I can think of is Lin-Manuel's emphatic cry for equality.

This cry is one that I support wholeheartedly. I think that you should be allowed to love whomever you choose and that you should do so without fear of hatred or scrutiny. If you are a guy who loves guys, great. If you are a girl who loves girls, great. If you are a girl who loves guys and girls, great. You are born a certain way with certain sexual preferences, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, if you believe that people should be free to love anyone they choose, then, honey, you better start looking past gender.

Let me tell you a little story.

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my closest friends about my boyfriend of almost 11 months. Somehow (and I'm shocked that this hadn't come up before), my boyfriend's political preferences became the topic of conversation.

The conversation went something like this:

"Wait, so is Tom a Democrat or Republican?"

"He's a Republican."

"WHAT?! Are you serious?"


"How can you date a Republican?"

After that, I basically went on a five-minute rant about how at the end of the day, his political preferences only make up a small fraction of who he is as a person and that I am not so shallow that I would be deterred by something this trivial.

At our cores, Tom and I value the exact same things: compassion, knowledge, kindness, dedication, honesty, respect, and above all else, love. Tom loves me unconditionally and I give him that same love in return; honestly, what else could I ask for?

Tom and I do get in some political arguments from time to time, but we also agree on those issues that are most important to me: female reproductive rights, marriage equality, and support for survivors of sexual assault. All of those things are non-negotiables for me, and Tom understands that and possesses his own list of non-negotiables.

Before you ask, yep, he voted for Trump. Did that take me back at first? Yes. Did I struggle to understand what would compel a person to vote for him? Absolutely. Did that thought kind of terrify me at first? Hell yes.

But you know what? After I just sat and listened to Tom's reasoning as to why he voted for him and watched him delve deep into Trump's policies, I could understand why some would vote for him. And to tell the truth, once I fell in love with Tom, none of that mattered anymore. And what is sad is that people so often fall so deep into their own echo chambers nowadays, that they wouldn't even give someone with different beliefs their ear. Well, I'm damn glad I did because Tom is the most amazing person I've ever met and I fall more in love with him every day.

So to tie this all together with a pretty little bow, if you're going to go around and preach that love is love and that everyone should be free to love whom they choose, then that shouldn't change for me. Maybe you're a Democrat that would never date a Republican or maybe you're a Republican who would never date a Democrat; that's your choice. But we don't get to choose who we fall in love with (much to the dismay of my liberal family and friends). Just keep an open mind and who knows? Maybe you could find some absolutely epic happiness.

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The Future Rests With the Youth, Who Need to Get Ready

The Supreme Court's fate hangs in the balance, it's up to my generation to save it.


As of the date on which this article was written, there is a man accused of sexual assault who now has the power to make important decisions about women's rights and health.

His confirmation hearing came after a chaotic hearing in which only one of his multiple accusers was able to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Senate failed to subpoena the only other individual that was reportedly in the room.

After the hearings, a farce of an FBI investigation gave way to Justice Kavanaugh.

My generation, Generation Z, thus far has a good record with politics.

Growing up with social media allowed us to see firsthand accounts of police brutality and racial injustice in our political systems.

We turned to activism after the horrific shooting in Florida, when we realized our lives were the ones in danger.

Young people, like the majority of Americans, are upset with Kavanaugh not just for being a sexual assaulter, but his un-American views.

We can and should call the views of conservative activist judges what they are: un-American.

Because most Americans stand with the LGBT community, most Americans support choice, and most Americans stand with unions.

A 5-4 conservative court will un-do everything brave activists have fought for since Dred Scott (which is a perfect example of why the Court's influence should worry everyone.)

But I digress, the problem with young people is that we have very short attention spans. Everybody thought the second amendment would dominate the midterm elections, but young people have lost their vigor since the "March For Our Lives."

However, we cannot make that mistake now. We can not accept Kavanaugh.

A conservative Supreme Court would do untold damage to thousands of Americans.

So young people who know enough about Kavanaugh and his policies need to resist this onslaught by protesting and organizing.

But above all we need to vote.

Young people consistently vote in the lowest numbers, and it's even worse in midterm elections when there is no president running.

However, my generation has shown a greater capacity for being interested in politics. Likely due to all the wars and the Great Recession.

We have a chance to really make a difference, and at the end of the day, that relies on showing up to the polls.

Many people have a cynical view of American politics but as I've said before, the number of possibilities are quite vast. It was certainly surprising to see an African-American president and there are still enough voters with racist views to keep putting people like Trump in the Oval Office if the non-racists don't show up in large enough numbers to vote.

And it is important to consider who you're voting for. The Republicans have been playing a ruthless political game with the Supreme Court since what they did to Merrick Garland in 2016.

It's time to elect candidates who want to support justices that will defend civil rights.

It's time to elect candidates that are not afraid to fight back against the GOP. Candidates that will fight to end the "nuclear option" and will not balk at unconventional ideas such as "court packing."

We will not win the fight for America's soul by playing softball when the other side wants to play rough.

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