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Donald Trump Has Lost His Chances For The 2020 Presidental Election

With the wall and the government shut down, Donald Trump has no shot at the 2020 election

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Donald Trump is not being a good president. If you admire Mr. Trump, maybe go read another article. I am going to be writing about how this man ruined his chances for the 2020 election.

Here is where we start. Donald Trump is our current President of the United States. He does not have the best rap. Ever since he has started, everything has gone backward. Things accomplished and done during the Obama Administration have become erased or reversed. Laws and initiatives have been put in order by Mr. Trump that has caused more bad than good. This is just from the start of his term as President.

After jumping through all of those hoops, Donald Trump has done one of the most despicable things of all. He shut down the government, for almost a month.

Usually, government shutdowns are a few days and everything is back in order. This was not one of those cases.

This government shut down went through the holiday season and after. This lead to hundreds and thousands of government employees left paycheck-less.

These employees were left using up their savings accounts to provide for their families. Once that was up, they were found waiting in lines at food shelters to feed their families. When it came down to the bills, these families had to choose between electricity or water. It's an utter shame that any family has to go through this, especially the hard-working government employees.

These employees went through so much. Why? Because Trump didn't get the funding for his wall.

The wall is what probably got Trump elected. It's what he has been promoting since day one of his campaigns.

Now that his term is almost up, everyone is wondering "where is this damn wall?"

People who voted for him and mad it hasn't been done. So when 2019 started approaching, Mr. Donald Trump had to begin this promise.

Well, it's not going so well. Whatever has actually been done with the wall needs more funding. 5 billion dollars of funding to be exact. This is the amount Trump is demanding for his wall. The house is not giving him that. The Democrats surprisingly and graciously offered him 1 million dollars toward his wall, and that was insulting to him. So, Donald Trump threw a temper tantrum and shut down the government. This punished the wrong people.

So now all those people who voted for Trump in the first place are being punished for it by getting their paychecks backtracked. Just week or so ago, the government shut down ended and some of those employees started receiving those missed paychecks.

Government Shutdown Ends — For Now |

So this is how all of this falls into Donald Trump's 2020 campaign. Traditionally, the president runs for a second term. And usually, they make it to the primary. Trump has pissed off so many people, including his own. The Republicans are upset with Donald Trump.

People I know who are Republicans do not want him as our president again. So if the Democrats hate him and the Republicans are mad at him, how great are his chances at a second term as President in 2020? My guess is, not so good.

NOTE: This is purely my opinion based on events that happened. I do not know his actual chances. For all I know, Donald Trump could win president again in 2020. These are just my opinions.

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