Domino's: The Fourth Dining Hall
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Domino's: The Fourth Dining Hall

Pizza's power to bring people together

Domino's: The Fourth Dining Hall
Grant Wong

“This is better than sex,” my roommate proclaimed as he took a large bite out of his cheesy, capitalist hunk of golden ambrosia. I stayed silent upon hearing this, agreeing with him on the deepest of spiritual levels, failing to respond due to my own mouth being full. This was the grand power of the Domino’s Meatzza, a force of unity, a force of fulfillment.

I might have exaggerated a little bit in my description of one of the many pizza nights I’ve shared with my roommate over this freshman year, but being able to order Domino’s for delivery with the Dining Dollars included in my meal plan really is a great thing. I don’t know if the love of pizza can really be considered an inherent trait of college students, but I often feel like this is the case.

In my article about optimism, I wrote about different strategies and mindsets I like to use to stay positive. I now realize that the topic of pizza might have been a valuable addition to an article written on the subject of happiness, after all.

In my mind, I’ve come to recognize the local Williamsburg Domino’s as William & Mary’s fourth dining hall, at least until Chick-fil-A opens in Tribe Square next semester. (Tribe Square, you will rest in peace no longer!) At the risk of sounding like a corporate sellout, Domino’s is a magical thing to have access to on campus.

Whether it be a club movie night or a late-night study session, the addition of a pizza is always welcome. Pizza is always a good social food: it’s easy to share, relatively cheap, and unhealthy enough to be a guilty pleasure. Also, being a native New Yorker and Long Islander, I’ve practically been raised on pizza. Pepperoni, sausage, pineapple, any topping sounds like a good time to me! In my personal opinion, it’s usually good even when it’s bad.

Arguably one of my favorite college moments so far involved Domino’s, depicted in the picture on the cover of this article. Returning home from a long day of classes, clubs, and stress, I was greeted at my dorm by my roommate. Having gone to a club event, he gave me a beautiful, pink Valentine’s Day card which bore the words, “I love you, platonically.”

The moment was made even better with the sharing of cheesy bread bought from William & Mary’s fourth dining hall. It was a good day. As scary and corporate as it might sound, Domino’s will always have a special place in my heart.

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