Doing Laundry Is The Worst Adult Thing You Have To Do
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Doing Laundry Is The Worst Adult Thing You Have To Do

Doing Laundry Is The Worst Adult Thing You Have To Do

In the United States, 18 is the age we consider people an adult, however, it is also the age that you cannot really do much at. If we are being honest, 21 is really when you become an "adult," or when you graduate from college and enter the "real world." It depends on the person. However, even though you might not be a “real” adult yet, when you get to college you have to start doing adult things, and one of the worst adult things you have to do is laundry.

I understand I have not had to do taxes or pay bills yet, but in my short 20 years here on this planet, I have come to terms with how much I hate doing laundry. I had to do my laundry a few times in high school, but it was never that bad. I think it had to do with the fact that everything was in my house so there were no making sure that you were standing in front of your washing machine right when it was done to make sure someone did not take your nice clean clothes and throw them on the dirty laundry room floor because apparently putting them on the table five feet away was just too much work (I despise people like that this).

Anyway I know that many people will call this a #firstworldproblem, and I know there are bigger things going on the world, but honestly its pretty terrifying to think that Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump could be our next president, so its much safer and easier to think about how doing laundry is one of the worst adult things you have to do (especially in college) and here are the reasons why:

1. You have to plan out your day so you can actually do laundry.

2. It's not like you can just not do your laundry because you can only wear a pair of leggings so many times before you must wash them.

3. You have to check to make sure there is a washer/dryer available because sometimes to seems that when you need to do laundry so does the rest of your dorm.

4. When there is a washer available you have to move immediately. You never know if when you check online there are four washers available, and then you get down to the laundry room and there is a girl that takes up three of the washers. And then she forgets to put one shirt in, so she asks you if she can put it in with your clothes. I mean people these days.

5. You have to lug all of your laundry down three flights of stairs, and then after it’s all done you have to lug all of your laundry back up the stairs. Talk about a workout, am I right?

6. You have to be available for the entire time your clothes are in the laundry because you have to be standing in front of the washer right when the timer ends in case someone is there to snatch it up. And we all know when it comes to doing laundry people are very kind. People will throw your clothes on the ground, or if they are trying to be nice they may put them in the dryer, but that’s not always the best.

7. The washers and dryers are often pretty crappy at colleges, so most likely the dryer will shrink your clothes. However, you don’t know this until you actually try the dryers out, which mean you will probably ruin some of your clothes in this trial and error process.

8. People for some reason really like to steal your clothes while in they are in the washer or dryer. I often times wonder why someone would really want a t-shirt I have from my high school…

9. It is honestly just so annoying and tedious. There are no corners to cut because you need your clothes to be clean, and you don’t want to ruin them. Ugh, the struggle.

10. Folding. You think you are done when you finally lug all your clothes up the many flights of stairs, but then you remember how you must fold everything and put it away nicely.

After every time a do laundry, I try to figure out a way to make my clean clothes last even longer than before. Although, nothing beats bringing home all your dirty clothes on a break, and traveling back to your good, old, childhood days when your dad or mom would do it for you. Oh those were the days…

Until next week… XOXO.

P.S. if you are one of those college students out that that send your laundry to get washed, dried, and folded for you I am very jealous.

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