Being in college for less than a year, I've already witnessed every type of DIY hair transformation on many girls including myself and although it seems like a fun idea at first, things can go south very quickly if you don't plan for mistakes.

1. You aren’t a professional.

Cutting or dying your hair on your own is a cheap option but it is not as easy as hairdressers make it seem, well because you aren't a hairdresser. Realizing that your skills will not match up to professional's skills is important to accept in order to prevent a breakdown when your hair does not look like the screenshot you got off Pinterest. I have had my fair share of being too cocky when cutting my hair and then crying when four inches of healthy hair is laying on the floor.

2. The right scissors.

I've learned from experience that there is an ideal scissor to use that is not the one sitting on your desk. Sally Beauty has hair cutting shears starting at $12.99 which is cheaper than any decent hair cut at a salon. Using scissors meant to cut paper, plastic or other desk materials can lead to split ends and a jagged look, so avoid taking the easy way out when trying to cut your own hair.

3. The right technique.

If you have no experience in cutting or dying hair, researching the right information is vital in order to correctly yield your desired look. Watching youtube videos, reading articles and being comfortable with the technique you will use allows for a more comfortable hand when doing your hair yourself. There are many videos in which professionals provide tutorials on how to properly cut or dye hair yourself or with help because you don't want to start chopping and coloring blindly. Having help and being educated about the decisions you make concerning your hair provides an easier and more successful outcome.

4. Getting the right product.

Dying hair is probably the scariest thing to attempt outside of a salon because bleach is dangerous to healthy hair and dark colors can look lighter on the box. It is always best to go to a store with beauty professionals who can answer your questions and recommend certain products, colors, and treatments for your specific type of hair. Trying to mix your own color or guess at how long you should keep bleach in is a disaster waiting to happen so make sure you know everything about the products that you use to color your hair.

5. The clean up after dying hair.

Dying your hair on your own will not be as graceful as it looks at the salon. Both bleach and dark dyes can stain anything they come in contact with, including bathroom tiles and countertops, so make sure to lay down plastic or towels that you can throw away before you begin to mix the dye. Using dark dye requires gloves, towels, and containment in order to preserve the cleanliness of not only the bathroom but also your skin. Using light colors and bleach requires gloves, a reliable timer, and clothes to protect your skin from getting bleached as well. Most everything that came in contact with the dyes will have to be thrown out because no amount of washing will remove those type of stains.