Dogs Rule
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Dogs Rule

Dogs Rule

Everyone knows the saying: "A dog is a man's best friend." But, did you know that dogs are also excellent teachers? I mean if you look at your dog doing their daily self cleaning in the corner, of course it seems so ridiculous that they couldn't possibly be a teacher of anything. But I'm talking about all the times you took your dog for granted. And don't say you never do because we all take our dogs for granted. Let me first tell you how we take them for granted:

We know that our dogs will always love us unconditionally whether or not we love them unconditionally back.

Dogs are what we wish our boyfriends/girlfriends were like. Attentive, loving, our best friend and the one person we can always count on to be there when it seems like no one else is. So how are our dogs the masters of unconditional love and support?

1) You can get up in the morning and rush to work. Not only do you forget to greet you furry friend but, you don't take them outside, feed them or even make sure that the TV is on so that they can have the company of "The Price is Right" re-runs all day. But when you come home that day, your dog is still so excited that you're home and just want your company. Even though that morning you blatantly forgot about their existence. But your dog will not hold your mistakes against you.

2) One day you can come home fuming mad. Your find out that your company is downsizing and suddenly that five-year plan you had is now shortened to 6 months. Walking through the door and your dog is there to greet you and it just is not your day and so you yell at them. Slamming your bedroom door behind you, you fall asleep. The next morning your dog is still there at the door waiting for you and wags their tail. They lick you and just wanna be everywhere you are. They never take what you say in anger to heart and they will always forgive you.

3) No matter how insecure you feel about yourself, your dog will always see you as the single greatest human being on the planet. They will praise the ground you walk on and always be there to reassure you that there is someone who never leave you. Unless of course the gray squirrel comes back.

How can we learn to be more like our unconditional loving dogs?

1) Do not hold your loved ones mistakes against them. Forgiveness is a strength and not a weakness. And forgiving someone for their mistakes does not mean you have to trust them with your life but it means that you are willing to put the mistakes aside and just continue to love them as a human being.

2) Whatever is said in anger whether it be a argument, a political debate/discussion, an opinion of your least favorite person, do not ever take it to heart. Yes, people can be down right awful these days with their words but let the words go.

3) CHEER PEOPLE ON. GIVE LOVE. Everyone on this earth has a part and they are oh, so important. You have no idea what the person who makes your coffee everyday goes through or how they're feeling. So instead of getting irritated because the line is long and the cashier is a little slow, be happy that there is even a coffee shop on your way to work that serves your favorite coffee. Tip the cashier for dealing with the busy morning and always say; "Thank you, have a nice day." The domino effect is my favorite theory, if you give love it will inspire others to give love and it'll put a little stop in all the hate that is spreading like rapid fire in the world today.

Man, who knew dogs could teach you so much?

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